An Ad Hominem Attack on Warmists

June 29, 2008

Ad Hominem – attacking the arguer not the argument – is a standard tactic of lefties, and we hate it. But it’s Sunday, and since the warmists are such a loathsome bunch, we’ve suspended the rule just this once.

Let’s compare and contrast the characters of the different warmists and their principal opponents.

The UN v The World’s Poor

The UN is a deeply corrupt organization where Zimbabwe sits as an arbiter of Human Rights, and whose “peacekeepers” rape kids rather than fight.

Its warmist organ is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which issues computer-model-based “forecasts” of warming catastrophe at regular intervals. The IPCC claims to be backed by 2500 scientists, but all of its reports are written, without consultation, by about 50 people. None of the IPCC climate models predicted the decline of global temperature over the past 10 years.

The UN wants a slice of the carbon taxes planned by warmists, to fill the hole in its budget left by the busting of its oil for food fraud with Saddam.

The world’s poor nations aspire to our standard of living, and since that requires massive use of energy, they plan on emitting lots of CO2. In consequence they won’t sign up to warmism.

Gore v Klaus

Gore is the principle warmist politician. A lifelong socialist, he is notorious for his failed attempt to win the 2000 presidential election. This included the announcement by all the Democrat MSM that he had won the key state of Florida 3 hours before voting ended there and his subsequent legal challenges to the result.

Gore left public employment worth $7 million, and has grown that to $100 million by charging for his services as a warmist advocate.

Vaclav Klaus is President of the Czech Republic. He grew up under Soviet occupation and was an architect of his nation’s liberation in 1989:

His vocal enthusiasm for the free market economy and as exemplified by Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman and practised by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, together with his stated belief in Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand“, soon became well-known and Klaus was the principal shaper of the Czechoslovak economic transformation.

Klaus accurately identifies warmism as a socialist control scam, and says of Gore‘s Nobel Prize:

“The relationship between his activities and world peace is unclear and indistinct,” the statement said. “It rather seems that Gore’s doubting of basic cornerstones of the current civilization does not contribute to peace.”

Klaus said in a recent speech that environmentalists’ efforts to halt global warming “fatally endanger our freedom and prosperity.”

The Czech president publicly expresses doubt on what scientists, including those participating in the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, also this year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate, deem very likely – that global warming is caused by humans…

In a newspaper interview earlier this year, Klaus said that only Al Gore, and not a sane person, would say that mankind is ruining the planet.

Hansen v Lindzen

Hansen, is Gore’s scientific adviser and runs the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in NYC. He’s an Astronomer by degree but climatologist by self appointment.

Hansen and Gore testified to Congress on June 23 1988 that the world faced disaster from global warming. To add impact to their claim, they had left the windows of the committee room open overnight to ensure everyone felt very hot. 20 years later, in May 2008, global temperature has fallen by about half a degree F, in spite of a very large increase in human CO2 emissions.

He uses surface data in which allegedly rural thermometers are sited on top of flat roofs, next to aircon outlets etc, and which has been heavily modified.

He is said to have received “legal and media advice” to the tune of $720,000 from the socialist George Soros.

Hansen wants CEOs of fossil fuel companies “to be tried for high crimes against humanity and nature”, but that’s pretty minor set against his wish to have billions of people die in poverty.


Lindzen is the the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT. He doesn’t support man-made global warming:

Claims of consensus relieve policy types, environmental advocates and politicians of any need to do so. Such claims also serve to intimidate the public and even scientists — especially those outside the area of climate dynamics.

Secondly, given that the question of human attribution largely cannot be resolved, its use in promoting visions of disaster constitutes nothing so much as a bait-and-switch scam. That is an inauspicious beginning to what Mr. Gore claims is not a political issue but a “moral” crusade.

Blair and Brown v The British People

The two socialists have misgoverned the UK for over 10 years, eagerly embracing warmism to justify a host of new “environmental” taxes. For example, the annual tax on an auto depends on how much CO2 it emits, a measure only justified if CO2 was a pollutant rather than an essential plant food.

The British people don’t buy warmism:

The majority of the British public is still not convinced that climate change is caused by humans – and many others believe scientists are exaggerating the problem, according to an exclusive poll for The Observer.

The results have shocked campaigners who hoped that doubts would have been silenced by a report last year by more than 2,500 scientists for the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which found a 90 per cent chance that humans were the main cause of climate change and warned that drastic action was needed to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The Brits are now so unimpressed with their socialist masters that they gave them just 3% of the vote in a by-election last week.

Stern v Lawson

Stern is a socialist economist aristocrat who, with 300 others, told Margaret Thatcher soon after her election that her radical economic policies would never work. Somewhat after that triumph he was asked by Blair to produce a report on what the UK should do to stop climate change. A reviewer commented on the report:

“If a student of mine were to hand in this report as a Masters thesis, perhaps if I were in a good mood I would give him a ‘D’ for diligence; but more likely I would give him an ‘F’ for fail. There is a whole range of very basic economics mistakes that somebody who claims to be a Professor of Economics simply should not make. (…)

Stern consistently picks the most pessimistic for every choice that one can make. He overestimates through cherry-picking, he double counts particularly the risks and he underestimates what development and adaptation will do to impacts.”

Like his fellow warmists, Stern is cashing in:

Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the UK’s Stern report on climate change, will launch a new carbon credit ratings agency on Wednesday, the first to score carbon credits on a similar basis to that used to rate debt.

Carbon credits have come under increasing fire as investors, academics and non-governmental organisations have complained that many lack credibility.

Lawson, while Stern was whining, engineered the UK’s resurgence under Margaret Thatcher, pioneering privatization and cutting taxes. When warmism ran out of control, he responded with a book.

An Appeal To Reason: A Cool Look At Global Warming” He argues the case that although global warming is happening and will have negative consequences, the impact of these changes will be relatively moderate rather than apocalyptic. He criticises those “alarmist” politicians and scientists who predict catastrophe unless urgent action is taken.


There are plenty of other villains – for example the EU with its subsidized wind farms and light bulb bans – and many more heroes (for example Christopher Monckton who notes that the sun is hotter now than it has been for 11,000 years, and Anthony Watts, who regularly debunks Hansen).

And then there are the useful idiots, like Obama and McCain, both committed to trashing the US economy and the lives of all Americana with huge increases in gas, oil and electricity prices via a carbon tax.

What emerges from this analysis is that all the warmist institutions and individuals here are nonentities who are enriching themselves on the back of their scare, and that all their opponents are decent people of great achievement who seek nothing.

This hasn’t turned out very ad hominem, but here’s a try: take a look at news photos (not the studio shots) of the bad guys. To a man, their faces and bodies are twisted, as if by self-hatred. Perhaps that’s because they know the evil they do.

Then look at the good guys, who all look just that – good.


Vote McCain

June 28, 2008

After weighing the matter for several months, that’s our recommendation to US voters.


Is a socialist, like the bunch currently running the UK. Socialists always a) impoverish the nations they govern, and b) repress and kill their citizens as a matter of principle. Thus all genocides have been committed by socialist regimes, although of course not all socialist regimes are genocidal.

On the impoverishment front, socialists always raise taxes – that’s because they believe they can spend your money more wisely than you can. My marginal tax rate of 50% in Clinton’s US fell to 40% under Bush.

Socialists repress and kill people because they think the state more important than the individual. Consider the last US socialist president:

Bill Clinton and his administration incinerated children at Waco, undertook the policy of “extraordinary rendition,” used a grand jury investigation to intimidate journalists at The American Spectator, deported Elian Gonzalez to communist Cuba, and signed the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which restricts the habeas corpus rights of American citizens.

By contrast, the Bush administration has confined itself to imprisoning and killing foreigners who kill Americans.

Thus Obama will make Americans less rich and less free, and in time they will come to hate him as the Brits now hate their socialist rulers – here’s what happened this week:

The scale of Labour’s humiliating result in the Henley by-election which saw them come fifth with only three per cent of the vote has been blamed on Harriet Harman, the party’s deputy leader.

Her decision to announce a new Equalities Bill which positively discriminates against men was cited as a reason why some of the “white working class” did not even consider voting Labour…

The Conservatives easily held the seat…with a majority of 10,116. But Labour only came fifth, behind the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, and the BNP, with just 1,066 votes.

Obama’s personal failings pale beside his idealogical flaw. However his personal weakness will make America an easy prey for its wily enemies.

We have seen his many wriggles as he seeks to please America-haters and patriots, pro- and anti-abortion groups, gun owners and gun banners, and so on. But that lack of principle is common in second-rate politicians.

More serious is his dishonesty in represenating himself as an American Black man.

America properly accords special rights to its black citizens, because their ancestors were enslaved, resulting in cultural and genetic damage to their descendants.

But Obama’s father was a free Kenyan and his mother a white American, so he’s no more deserving of special treatment than any other American. America’s enemies will note this weak opportunism, and manipulate it.

So Obama will leave his nation poorer, less free, defeated, and without allies.


McCain’s virtues and his weaknesses balance. He’s a remarkable individual – only an extraordinarily self-confident and brave person could have withstood 5 years of torture (including the breaking off of his teeth at the gum line that gives him the lopsided smile mocked by ignorant Dems).

But he’s lived his life in hierarchical institutions – the military and the senate, so tends to socialism. Hence his advocation of open borders, his law that limits free speech (fortunately just struck down by the Supremes), and his plan greatly to increase power and gas prices with a carbon tax (AKA Cap and Trade).

And, since he’s a determined man, he’ll do what he says, adding perhaps 10 million illegal immigrants to the voting roles and tanking the US economy.

But he won’t allow the US to be defeated, and understands that US security requires it to become self-sufficient in energy (which it easily and quickly can).

He’ll also stand by America’s client-allies, notably the Iraqis and Israelis. However he won’t be an easy master- he’ll unrelentingly force them to toe his line.

So being a US ally with McCain in power will be risky, but not suicidal.

Thus under a president McCain America will continue to lead the world, and his successors can repair the economic damage he inflicts.

But after two Obama terms, the US will be just another socialist mess, scrapping on equal terms with its energy suppliers and emerging Eastern masters.

Sadr But Wiser

June 27, 2008

In the past 3 months the US has quietly won the war in Iraq – not that you’d know that from our MSM.

Winning in Iraq means the same as winning in Germany and Japan in WW2 – replacing dictatorship with democratic government that holds a monopoly of force.

The Iraqi people elected a government that reflects their diverse interests, balancing Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds. These goups successfully compromised, wheeling and dealing for their common good (there’s plenty for future political scientist to learn from this remarkable turnaround).

The unified Iraqi government then used its power forecefully and effectively:

The Mahdi Army suffered a significant blow during fighting against Iraqi and Coalition forces this year, according to an Iraq intelligence report. The heavy casualties suffered by the Mahdi Army have forced Muqtada al Sadr, the leader of the Mahdi Army and the Sadrist political movement, to change his tactics and disband the Mahdi Army in favor of a small, secretive fighting force.

“More than 2,000 cadres from the Mahdi Army leaders were killed recently,” an Iraqi intelligence official told Gulf News. “This led to the almost complete collapse of the army,” the official said. An estimated 1,300 Mahdi Army fighters “escaped to safe houses in Iran.” Muqtada al Sadr currently resides in Qom, Iran, under the protection of Iran’s Qods Force…

More than 1,000 Mahdi Army fighters were killed in Sadr City alone, according to a Mahdi Army commander in Baghdad. Another 415 were killed in Basrah.

The Basrah action was necessary because the British government handed that city over to Sadr:

Until September, when British troops pulled out of the city in what Gordon Brown described as a “pre-planned and organised” move, the fighting was as intense as any since the start of the war in 2003. This year, 44 British soldiers have died as a result of Britain’s operations in Iraq. Yet their commanders are now saying they got it wrong.

Rather than fight on, they have struck a deal – or accommodation, as they describe it – with the Shia militias that dominate the city, promising to stay out in return for assurances that they will not be attacked. Since withdrawing, the British have not set foot in the city and even have to ask for permission if they want to skirt the edges to get to the Iranian border on the other side.

Anyway, the US military took on the job of supporting the Iraqis, and now – although the fight goes on – the job is essentailly done.

Which is rather Sadr for the Mullahs and Brits, both of which emerge from this affair as weak horses.


June 25, 2008

Mrs G and I have briefly emerged blinking from our Italian idyll – she nicely plumper from the excellent food, and me thinner from battling contractors and the Italian state.

Along the way we’ve found out that when a new law is passed in Italy, any law it modifies doesn’t go away, but hangs around being annoying. Thus when we bought a new Fiat there (recent law says any EU citizen can buy a new car in Italy), the authorities wouldn’t register it (old law says you have to be resident and pay Italian income taxes).

So we bought a fine German car in Hamburg, shipped it to the UK and registered it there, then ferried it to Italy via France and Switzerland – an excellent road trip.

Our Italian friends tell us this was a proper Italian thing to do.

The upside of this odd system of government is that Italians are pretty impervious to the EU – they pass its laws, but if they don’t like them, they go on using the old ones. That’s quite important, since now the EU is headed downwards, and that leaves Italy untouched, unlike the Brit and German polities that the EU has hollowed out.

The EU, like all empires, must keep growing, but with its Constitution rejected by every nation that got to vote on it (France, Netherlands, Ireland), it either has to send in men with guns, or accept it will never have its own president, state department, or army.

But the the EU, like the Pope, has no divisions – only the UK has significant armed forces, and these couldn’t pacify Basra (a city the size of Boston), or fight off a couple of the Mullahs’ speedboats.

No doubt the death will be prolonged, so we will all need hearts of stone not to laugh.


April 6, 2008

We’re moving in to our new Italian place over the next weeks – posting will be intermittent.

Breaking The UK

April 3, 2008

The UK’s descent into the Islamist hellhole is happening region by region.

Like all immigrants, Muslims in the UK form clusters. Some clusters are temporary and over a generation or so the immigrants adopt Brit values and enter the workforce.

Other clusters become malignant centers of Islamism, and the West Midlands is one such.

After a TV documentary exposed Muslim preachers advocating mass murder, brutalization of women, and child abuse, West Midlands cops tried (and failed) to have the TV program makers prosecuted and farcically claimed the recordings of the hate speakers had been “taken out of context”.

Now its suburban London’s turn:

The horrific final hours of a Kurdish woman murdered on the instructions of her father and uncle because she had brought “shame” on her family were revealed to a court yesterday.

A series of secret prison recordings showed that Banaz Mahmod’s killers had laughed as they raped and tortured her, before Mohamad Hama, a hired thug, stamped on her neck while strangling her with a ligature to “force out her soul”.

For two hours Miss Mahmod, 20, endured the ritualistic “honour killing” at the hands of a gang hired by her father, Mahmod Mahmod, 52, and uncle Ari Mahmod, 50.

The men, who had fled to Britain from Iraq more than ten years ago, were enraged with Miss Mahmod because she had begun a relationship with someone of whom they did not approve…

The local cops had hung the woman out to dry:

Banaz Mahmod, 20, was “let down” by officers in the Metropolitan and West Midlands forces who in the weeks and months before she died failed to take threats against her seriously, even though she feared for her life and supplied them with a list of five people she suspected would harm her…

Today the Independent Police Complaints Commission criticised “delays in investigations, poor supervision, a lack of understanding and insensitivity” in the handling of her case.

Two Metropolitan Police officers – a constable and an inspector – will now face disciplinary action and the IPCC recommended that six detectives – four from the Metropolitan Police and three from West Midlands Police – should receive written warnings.

Written warnings – that’ll larn ’em!

The essential function of the state is to protect life and property, and cops are the first line of defense.

But some cops in Outer London and the entire West Midlands police force help Islamists prey on the rest of the community.

This pattern will break the UK into a mosaic of Sharia zones.

And that breaks the UK.

Flight Of The Penguins

April 1, 2008

Not only has global warming caused the Eskimos to be overrun by filthy robins, but now the melting of the antarctic has forced the humble penguin to take flight. So we were wrong to deny global warming – the planet is doomed.

The news from Antarctica (my ellipsis):

The BBC will today screen remarkable footage of penguins flying as part of its new natural history series, Miracles of Evolution.

Camera crews discovered a colony of Adélie penguins while filming on King George Island, some 750 miles south of the Falkland Islands…

…(when) the weather took a turn for the worse…(r)ather than getting together in a huddle to protect themselves from the cold, they did something quite unexpected, that no other penguins can do.

BBC1 viewers will see the penguins not only take flight from the Antarctic wastes, but fly thousands of miles to the Amazonian rainforest to find winter sun.

It’s all caused by the evolutionary pressures of global warming – now all the antarctic snow has gone, it looks like this:

To make retribution for my previous denial of global warming, I’ll be signing up with the al Qaeda chapter of Greenpeace today.