Condi Must Write Her Own Speeches

February 9, 2005

The Secretary of State should become her own speech-writer forthwith.

New Sisyphus shows that Condi’s European speeches have been pretty awful. I begin to fear a purge of not only the The Diplomad, but all the other Republicans in the State Department. Excepting New Sisyphus of course.

The Secretary only sounded like a member of GWB’s administration when answering a question from a courageous Arab.

Is there a single Arab or Muslim country, which deserves to be defended by Bush and by America?

Here’s what she said.

The Arab people deserve a better future than is currently in front of them. This is a part of the world in which the status quo is not going to be acceptable.

You have large populations that are not receiving proper education. As the report to the United Nations by Arab intellectuals noted, you have 22 countries that have a GDP that is not the size of Spain. This is just not acceptable for a culture — the Arab cultures — that were, in many ways, part of the cradle of civilization. How can this be?

And so the freedom deficit, the absence of freedom, has had very dramatic, negative effects in this part of the world. And unfortunately, we in the West, for too long, turned a blind eye to that freedom deficit.

When the President spoke at Whitehall in London, he talked about 60 years of trying to buy stability at the expense of freedom, and getting neither. And what we have gotten instead, is a level of hopelessness that has produced an ideology of hatred so virulent, so thorough, that people flew airplanes into American buildings on a fine September morning; blew up a train station in Madrid; people in another part of the world from another tradition, but the same ideology of hatred, that took helpless children hostage in Russia. This can’t be the future of the Middle East.

And so both our security and our moral conscience tell us that this is a part of the world that can no longer be isolated from the prosperity and human dignity that freedom brings. And so it is not what President Bush defends; and certainly, I want to be very clear.

As I said earlier, this is not an issue of military power. This is an issue of the power of ideas, of the power of being able to support people in those societies who are just tired of being denied their freedom.

And so this is a great goal, not just for the United States, but for all of us who are fortunate enough to live on the right side of freedom because in each and every case, for all of us, somebody cared enough about human dignity and human liberty to make a stand in our past. Our ancestors did.

And that’s why we all enjoy the liberty and freedom that we do. And sometime in the past, others stood up for us so that we could defeat tyranny and we could live in freedom. And we simply have to do the same thing for the people of the Middle East who are seeking a different future.

Go get ’em cowgirl!

Socialist Mainzless Morons

February 9, 2005

Here’s an insight into the German socialist soul picked up from Medienkritik via Instapundit.

Mainz in Germany created a special Carnival image to celebrate President Bush’s coming visit. Expressly approved by Mainz’s socialist mayor, the float shows the leader of the opposition to Chancellor Schroeder’s socialist party climbing into the President’s anus. No doubt anus-clambering is Mainz socialists’ idea of fun. So, in the interests of his health, you might suggest to the White House that the President avoids the place.

Of course the US & UK are, as ever, responsible – not only did we flatten Mainz in WW2, but the Brits went on to twin it with Watford. Bastards.