The Al-Greenpeace Martyr’s Brigade: Competition!

February 17, 2005

The London Times reports the debut of the Al-Greenpeace Martyr’s Brigade.

Invading the trading floor of the London International Petroleum Exchange, they had the crap beaten out of them by irate traders. Injuries but no fatalities yet, so the 83 Greenpeace Virgins remain unmolested.

Greenpeace needs our help, so Gandalf is sponsoring a competition to chose their next operation. This competition is modeled on the format pioneered by Giles. Prize TBD.

To get things rolling, here are three suggestions.

1. The brigade invades the cubes of a software development team at 11 PM on Release Day, pounding on keyboards & shouting “Komputers Kill Kyoto”.

2. The brigade lies down across the track during the Fosters Australian Grand Prix (3-6 March), shouting “Kyoto Mean No Moto”.

3. Survivors forms a human chain preventing access to the bar during the England/Scotland 6 Nation game at Twickenham on March19th, shouting “Rugby Is For Poofs”.

PS, Sorry, the last one was just gratuitous violence.
PPS The US A-G MB plans to invade Donut shops in New York City, stomping their wares, shouting “Krispy Kreme Kills Kyoto”.


Another Granita Tape!

February 17, 2005

We have the tape of the secret Blair/Chirac/Schroeder meeting on September 11, 2004!

The recording was made by an Australian NanoBug swarm which has only now surfaced after going walkabout.

Revelations include:
* What the 3 rogues really thought about John Kerry.
* Who they wanted to win the US election.
* How they plotted the replacement of the Brit opposition leader with a killer android.

All this and more tomorrow, stay tuned…