EU Unsponsored Terror

March 3, 2005

Without EU funding, Hezbollah admits it would collapse. Tim Blair reports Menorah Blog:

If the European Union follows Israeli recommendations this week and places Hezbollah on a list of official terror organizations, the economic consequences of sanctions would “destroy” the Lebanese terror group, Hezbollah’s leader told Arabic language television.

One must hope the EU does the right thing – bearing in mind the fate of the perps of the Munich Massacre.


Kongestion Kamp Ken’s Killer Komrades

March 3, 2005

By popular blog-vote, KKK is the new name for the Jew-baiting Mayor of London, previously known as Red Ken. Gandalf’s nuanced suggestion (“Barbie” after Klaus of that name) came a creditable second.

I reflected on KKK’s affinity for killers while touring the newly-opened Churchill Museum in London. There was a little section on Louis Mountbatten, who in WW2 fought the Germans and Japanese with bravery and skill and then oversaw the independence of India. At age 79 the IRA murdered him, his 2 grandsons and 2 others while they were fishing off Southern Ireland. He lived a few hours with his legs almost completely severed. An easy kill, he would not have bodyguards.

Three years later, KKK invited the IRA leadership to London to express his support for their “struggle”. When the Brit government denied the killers entry, he paid them a special visit in Ireland.

The Frozen South

March 3, 2005

Back from gray, cold but well heated London and it’s cold here in the Southern Med. Outside, it’s 50 degrees & sunny, so indoors should be tolerable. But massive stone walls & floors have been busily storing cold in our absence, so Gandalf’s heating gnomes are hard at work. Slow though, I’ve lost the use of my feet.