Italy Proves It’s Not An Ally

March 10, 2005

History shows that Allies don’t play the blame game over battlefield mishaps. Italian reaction to the Red Reporter killing confirms that they are not allies. Worse, they have been financing the killers. That makes their troop presence in Iraq poison and they should go.

Review the following, bearing in mind the Brit stoical acceptance of the accidental US killing of nine of their soldiers in the Gulf War.

Roadblocks in Iraq Are Well Known and Essential To Security

Take a look at Austin Bay’s excellent Danger on Route Irish (military name for the highway on which the incident occurred):

…commuting is a combat operation, for both soldiers and civilians. Blame Saddam’s henchmen and Al Qaeda fascists. These beasts have made the suicide car bomb their primary murder weapon.

Roadblocks put a crimp in the car bomber’s plans. Roadblocks stop vehicles and people, particularly suspicious vehicles and suspicious people…one rule never changes at a roadblock: Even escorted military convoys slow down as they approach a roadblock. As for a single civilian auto approaching at high speed? If a driver doesn’t hit the brakes, the troops will shoot.

The Italian Agents Lied

Here’s what their Foreign Minister says:

On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini dismissed Washington’s view that a lack of communication was responsible for Calipari’s death, and demanded that the United States “identify and punish” those responsible for the shooting. Calipari had made “all the necessary contacts” with US authorities in Baghdad, the foreign minister said.

However, yesterday in a TV interview he added…

“Calipari duly advised (the US authorities) that he was in Baghdad, and he didn’t advise what he had gone to Iraq to do, because we are a sovereign country.”

This is beyond satire. The only sovereignty here is Iraqi! In a country plagued by car bombs, what the hell were the security forces going to do when these idiots sped to them howling that they were Italian?

Belusconi Alone Put Italy in Iraq

Italy is one of the most corrupt countries in the EU – in the bottom quartile, just ahead of Greece. Berlusconi is a modernizer trying to fix this, and joining the coalition was part of the plan. But his own ministers don’t support him. His Foreign Minister shows himself above to be a Common Weasel, and others in his cabinet have been sniping away. Berlusconi seems to have been using his own money to pay off head hackers in a vain attempt to keep the country behind him. Now he’s given our enemies a propaganda victory that paints the US as incompetent murderers.

Italy Has Been Financing The Killers

Austin Bay reports.

In his senate speech, Berlusconi also signaled a change in Italy’s policy in Iraq, where it has come under fire from its allies for negotiating with kidnap gangs amid unconfirmed rumors that it has paid millions of euros in ransom payments.

Michelle Malkin is all over this. There are 3,000 Italian troops in Iraq. If they weren’t there, the terrorists would be, say, $20 Million poorer. So it’s a no-brainer: throw the bums out.