Browsers & Screen Resolution

March 14, 2005

Just installed StatCounter. And now know that it was good to fix the IE display problem – over half my visitors use it! And I shouldn’t have been so dismissive of IE in my post anyway – OK, it doesn’t have tabs, but it’s very stable. And Opera won’t let cookies through when I tell it to.

Also, a fair number of visitors have 800*600 display resolution – relevant because I’ve been thinking of widening my test box by 120 or so pixels. Which would take the display to about 850 pixels, forcing the 800 screen resolution folks to horizontally scroll to see the sidebar.

Since I hate horizontally scrolling, I’m inclined to leave the layout the way it is. Any advice or suggestions appreciated…


The Loss of the UK (1)

March 14, 2005

The US faces the loss of the UK, its only real ally in Europe, into an integrated European Union. Most (but not all) Americans don’t realize how bad this will be for the US. This is the first of several posts analyzing the problem and suggesting what the US can do about it.

Here’s the overview.:

1. The UK is a very successful Information Age economy.
2. However it has suffered a progressive loss of its sovereignty to the EU since joining it in 1973.

3. The EU is a corrupt and undemocratic institution centered around a core of declining nations.
4. The Brits get to vote on the new EU Constitution some time before the end of next year.

5. Right now ratification seems unlikely. But Tony Blair is its prime advocate and will deploy the entire government machine to get a positive result. And opposition, although widespread, is fragmented and vulnerable.
6. And even if the British reject the proposal, the EU & Blair will likely ignore their decision.
7. The non-Blair consensus is that the EU Constitution will lose the Brits control of their economy, their armed forces, and their foreign policy to an anti-American European elite.
8. This will leave the US in an extremely dangerous position.
9. The good news is, the US can prevent this happening.

I’ll post on these 9 points over the next several days – to get your attention, the next post looks at point 8, the cost to the US of losing the UK.

OK, OK, Take the Nukes!

March 14, 2005

Just when the news could get no worse, I saw these, from Yahoo via LGF:

Attack of the Flying Nuns


Iranian female police cadets stand in front of a group conducting a drill during a graduation ceremony of Iran’s police academy in Tehran March 12, 2005. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi

World’s Worst Markswoman Showcases One-Eyed, One-Handed, Twelve-Fingered Posture to Nervous Dignatories.


An Iranian female police cadet demonstrates her shooting skills beside Police Chief Commander Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf (L) during a graduation ceremony of Iran’s police academy in Tehran March 12, 2005. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi.

Little Noticed Declaration of War

March 14, 2005

If history is any guide (it usually is), China is preparing to attack Taiwan. Fox News publishes the “Invade Taiwan” law they just passed.

“In the event that the `Taiwan independence’ secessionist forces should act under any name or by any means to cause the fact of Taiwan’s secession from China, or that major incidents entailing Taiwan’s secession from China should occur, or that possibilities for a peaceful reunification should be completely exhausted, the state shall employ nonpeaceful means and other necessary measures to protect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Here’s what Adolf Hitler said at Danzig in September 1939, after he had conquered Poland:

I, for the first time, tread on the soil which for five centuries was German, and which – thereof you may rest assured – will remain German.

The fact that a province was torn from the German Reich and that other German territories were given to the Polish State was explained on the grounds of national necessity.

No power on earth would have borne this condition as long as Germany. I attempted to find a solution – a tolerable solution – even for this problem. I submitted this attempt to the Polish rulers in the form of verbal proposals. You know these proposals. They were more than moderate….

I do not know what mental condition the Polish Government was in when it refused these proposals. After again waiting and even receiving new proposals I finally decided, as I declared in the Reichstag, to talk with Poland in the same language as they talked to us, or believed they could talk to us – the language which alone they seem to understand.