More Troops For Mideast

August 13, 2005

South Korea’s latest appeasement of North Korea removes the rationale for the US basing a protective force there. Which frees up 60,000 troops to guard Iraq’s borders.

South Korea now says:

“Our position is that North Korea has a general right to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, such as for agriculture, hospitals and electricity generating,” he told Daum Media, an on-line news site. “We have a different view to the United States.”

This is bullshit, since (my ellipsis):

North Korea was caught, and admitted, secretly enriching uranium for the development of nuclear weapons in 2002.

After trading charges over uranium, North Korea went on to withdraw from the NPT (Non Proliferation Treaty), kick IAEA (International Atomic Energy Authority) inspectors out of the country, restart a graphite-moderated reactor and reprocess nuclear fuel into plutonium.

The North then went on to claim it had manufactured several atomic bombs.

North Korea has shown it can’t be trusted with nuke technology, peaceful or military. Since South Korea has decided to appease North Korea, but there’s no reason why US soldiers to be placed in harm’s way to defend them. The US should schedule withdrawal now, and transfer its forces to the Iranian border.