My Sincerest Apologies to Dr Rice

August 26, 2005

It turns out the quote by the Secretary of State “It cannot be Gaza only” was fabricated by the New York Times. I picked up the quote from Yahoo News and sloppily failed to spot the words “The New York Times reported” – if I’d noticed that, I’d have discounted it. I humbly apologize for calling the good Doctor the Carly Fiorina of the administration.

Thanks to LGF, vigilant as ever, for publicizing this frame-up, and to Rick Richman for his diligent sleuthing.


Useful Brit Idiots

August 26, 2005

Yesterday was seven weeks since 7/7 and the 52 dead are buried. The London Times marked the anniversary by suspending its daily front page attacks on London’s cops, though Brit bloggers kept up the sniping. These critics are singing the same song as the anti-war Marxists who advised Galloway, suggesting something rotten at the heart of Brit conservatism.

Campaigners with an “extreme Left-wing agenda” have been accused of exploiting the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian shot by police who mistook him for a suicide bomber.

Two of the key spokesmen for the family of the 27-year-old electrician have ties to groups linked to anti-war and anti-capitalist causes.

Asad Rehman, who has helped set up the Justice4Jean campaign, recently acted as a political adviser for George Galloway, the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow who was elected in May on an anti-war platform. He was described yesterday as a “Marxist agitator” and former leader of the Stop the War coalition, which organised the 2003 march in London against the Iraq war

He has told Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, to resign.

Yasmin Khan, another spokesman, has ties to the Radical Activist Network, which is opposed to “corporate globalisation”.

The Justice4Jean website describes Mr de Menezes’s death as “murder” and says Sir Ian deliberately misled the public. It also aims to “end the shoot-to-kill policy and campaign against the rising tide of racism and the attack on civil liberties in the UK”.

On July 8th, who would have imagined that just 7 weeks later the second largest “quality” Brit newspaper and parts of the blogosphere would lined up with the Marxists?

Compare this with the US after 9/11. Americans knew that the CIA and other agencies must have screwed up to let it happen, but chose to focus on the immediate tasks of helping the bereaved and hunting down the killers. That covered all people, all commentators (except Slugman), and the entire political spectrum. This solidarity didn’t last more than 3 months, but while it did, it was awesome.

The UK started the same way and its heart has stayed on track – the Brit people, Blair’s left-wing government, the Tory opposition and much of the MSM (excluding of course, the BBC) have responded robustly (hat tip American Future):

Almost three-quarters of the public believe that it is right to give up civil liberties to improve our security against terrorist attacks. The results provide evidence of public support for Tony Blair’s anti-terrorist reforms which he unveiled before leaving on his summer holiday earlier this month.

But, extraordinarily, the conservative London Times and some of the conservative blogosphere quickly adopted the Marxist line, focusing on one mistake in the huge anti-terror operation the security forces have been running since 7/7. Their writing shows a deep dislike of the British state – here’s Tim Worstall:

Yes, perhaps I am paranoid on this subject but I take as the great lesson of the 20th century that it is the State that is not your friend, it is the State, when allowed to get out of hand, that is the greatest threat to your health, safety, continued liberty and yes, even your life.

This from a citizen of the most free, least corrupt large economy in the world, just a few weeks after a horrific attack by an alien force, and in the middle of his state’s desperate battle to prevent more deaths. And it isn’t just any state – it’s the UK! From which sprang most liberty in our imperfect world, and which sacrificed 1.2 million lives and all of its treasure in the 20th century to keep the world free.

So, Brit conservatives think like Marxists. I’ll suggest why and what to do with them in a later post.

UPDATE14:21 After its 1-day silence, the London Times has resumed its denigration campaign with more unverifiable garbage.