The Truth Emerges

September 10, 2005

You must look at this excellent eyewitness picture sequence of the events in New Orleans – hat tip Rotty.

The pictures explain what happened and how it happened & confirm the hysteria of the US MSM.

The pictures were taken by Alvaro, a young Nicaraguan guy, between Sunday August 28, immediately before the storm and his escape to Houston on (I think) Friday September 2. He did an excellent job, producing first-rate pictures and giving an incisive and informative commentary.

The pictures show a modest calamity causing problems to not-very-smart people of all colors – not the enormous inescapable disaster the MSM depicted.

  • People evacuated well and businesses boarded up fine.
  • Many tourists ignored the evacuation order.
  • Compared with other hurricanes I’ve been in, damage was moderate.
  • National Guard troops were on the streets on Monday – soon after the storm hit.
  • There was an eerie calm after the storm passed and before the levees broke – people wandered about sightseeing.
  • The flooding was gradual and not as extensive as news reports said (of course the guy was on foot, so couldn’t cover the very flooded areas).
  • The police did not try to stop looting, which was clearly criminal – apparel, sporting goods, jewelery, TV sets.
  • Alvaro and his buddy were able to drive out to the city west to Houston.

Doom-Sayers Exposed

September 10, 2005

The MSM is creeping away from its doom-laden forecasts of the disruption and deaths caused by Katrina. As it turns out that deaths were mercifully fewer and the City bounces back, their credibility will be toast.


On September 4 we were told:

New Orleans will have to be abandoned for at least nine months, and many of its people will remain homeless for up to two years, the US government believes.

I’d like to meet this savvy “US government”, because today it seems that he/she was a tad pessimistic:

…New Orleans’s business leaders and power brokers are concocting big plans, the most important being reopening the French Quarter within 90 days.

Also under discussion are plans to stage a scaled-down Mardi Gras at the end of February and to lobby for one of the 2008 presidential nominating conventions and perhaps the next available Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl will be a stretch, but the rest is what our friends who live there were saying a week ago.


On September 5:

New Orleans’ mayor warned that 10,000 people may have died.

This was obvious nonsense and I showed yesterday that the maximum was 2,000 for the entire hurricane across all states – it will probably be 1,000. Today the feet on the street are headed the same direction:

“Some of the catastrophic deaths that some people predicted may not have occurred,” said Col. Terry Ebbert, the city’s homeland security chief. He declined to give a revised estimate. But he added: “Numbers so far are relatively minor as compared to the dire projections of 10,000.”

It’s worth reflecting on why the 10,000 and the 9 months are out there and why they were so eagerly picked up.

1. The Mayor was culpable for the suffering of the people he left trapped in the awful Superdome and Convention Center. He wants to hide that disaster with a greater one.

2. The European MSM is driven by Schadenfreude – pleasure in the misfortunes of others – specifically in the misfortunes of Americans, who they hate and fear.

3. The lefty US MSM wants to hurt the President, and the bigger the damage and death, the worse he appears.

4. Congress wants to spend more tax dollars, and the bigger the disaster, the better.

None of which explains why none of these groups had the wit to run the numbers – all they needed was a bit of historical context, knowledge of New Orleans and basic math.

Now they are going to be revealed as the alarmist, blood-hungry defeatists they are – it’s soo sad….

Late Summer Running In Southern Med

September 10, 2005

Weather here is cooler – mid 80s (30 degrees N), but 70%+ humidity and windless, so hard to maintain a decent pace without busting my preferred upper pulse of 140.

All surface damage from the fall 2 weeks ago – about 20 square inches (130 sq cm) abrasions – is now fully self-repaired. Hail Bacitracin and my hard -working Nano!

This is my first Post directly from Microsoft Word. If it works, expect lots of tables and charts going forwards.