Body Counting

September 13, 2005

The MSM is trying to make its “10,000 deaths” stick by talking up clusters of deaths. Some conservative bloggers worry that the prediction will come true. It won’t.

Captains Quarters reports the WaPo:

45 Bodies Found In La. Hospital

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 12 — The bodies of 45 patients left in a hasty evacuation were recovered from a New Orleans hospital, officials said Monday, as the city braced for the scenes left by the receding waters.

The city braced for more grim discoveries as the receding waters allowed search parties to reach isolated buildings. But the death toll — 279 for Louisiana — was still far below the initial prediction of the city’s mayor that 10,000 perished.

It’s not surprising bodies were left behind – all hospitals have morgues and recovering bodies comes second to saving the living.

CQ is still concerned though:

That prediction by Mayor Ray Nagin may yet still come to pass as more of the city emerges from the floodwaters.

I can reassure CQ that there’s no chance of that happening – based on the latest reports I’m predicting that deaths across all states will be less than half the worst case 1,500 I estimated last week.

Hence CQ’s analysis is spot-on.

The Exempt Media should ask themselves whether the estimate of 10,000 casualties had any other basis in fact. If so, they need to explain what else prompted them to report that as a reliable range. If not, then they need to rethink using reports from overwhelmed local politicians who used such estimates to shove attention off of their own performances.


Let’s Roll

September 13, 2005

Yesterday’s post suggested that the Flight 93 memorial should be an American icon that celebrates the courage of the passengers, not an Islamic-flavored reminder of their deaths.

Michelle Malkin today identifies the usual suspects funding the travesty, and since attack is the best form of defense, here’s my alternative suggestion, elaborated since yesterday.

The monument to be a series of figures in heroic proportion, along their lines of the Washington DC Korean War Memorial.

The creator of that monument, Frank Gaylord of Barre, Vt, be commissioned for the revised memorial.

The figures to represent the scene as perceived by the terrorists as their erstwhile captives fought back:

1. The Fighting Group
This would be the inner core of the memorial, made up of figures represenating the group of (extra)ordinary men and women advancing implacably on their tormentors.

2. The Other Passengers And Crew
This group would be immediately behind the Fighting group and be made up figures shown ministering for the wounded and composing the dead.

3. The Supporters Afar
This group would form a circle surrounding the above two, and would comprise figures representing the people who helped our at the end of phones – relations, friends, FBI, 911 operators.

I suggest the figures – perhaps 60 in total – be shown on a marble surface, with colored inserts symbolizing the layout of the plane.

As an optional extra, the target of the group might be shown as two crossed fragments of a broken red crescent, driven in to the ground.