Counting The Enemies of Freedom

September 16, 2005

Key to knowing your enemy is to know his numbers, and Reuters’ justification for snooping on the president at the UN gives us the data-point we need. There are 16,000 enemies of freedom feeding the MSM.

We’ve seen the MSM distortions on display in the Katrina debacle. In order to harm the president, they inflated body counts, inflated the toxicity of the flood waters, lied about the timeline, lied about the investments of the Bush administration in flood control, lied about accountability, and downplayed the rampant corruption within the state of Louisiana.

Their coverage of Iraq has been murderously manipulative – civilians slaughtered by terrorists “die” while coalition forces “kill”, or even worse use “targeted killing” to remove their murderers.

This had been going on for years – remember the Snuff Pulitzer awarded to AP for giving world wide publicity to its images of two brave, unarmed, election workers being murdered by terrorists? The AP photographer could only have taken the picture with the active assistance of the murderers.

And remember the pictures of Palestinian kid supposedly killed in cross-fire between Hamas and IDF forces? It’s a Palestinian fake, promoted by French State TV – see here (hat tip Michelle Malkin).

Here’s my list of the bad actors:

France 2


These are Primary Sources – they are the polluted springs that feed the lefty media in the US and UK. I’ve ignored non-English feeds, notably the German and French, since they don’t pretend to be on our side.

So, how many people in these seven organizations actually do the dirty deeds, deciding what gets published, how its slanted and what gets suppressed?

Reuters is representative. It does a lot of damage with just 15,000 employees spread across 92 countries, of which 2,300 are editorial staff in 196 bureaux around the world.

These editorial staff call the shots, see their apologia for trying to sandbag the president at the UN (my ellipsis):

Don’t blame the photographer.

That’s the message from Gary Hershorn, a picture editor for Reuters, about the photo yesterday that shows President George W. Bush writing an all-too-human note during a UN meeting.

Hershorn, Reuters’ news editor for pictures for the Americas, says he’s responsible for zooming in on the note and deciding to transmit the photo to Reuters clients. He says (the photographer)didn’t know what the note said when he shot the picture.

Hershorn is one of the 2,300 editorial staff and has enough power to try to diminish a president. The photographer is regarded as a grunt – sensible since many of their local photographers are likely active terrorists and head office needs to apply some decorum.

As a reasonable approximation, assume that each of the other six organizations has 2,300 Hershorns, making a total of 16,100 enemies of freedom – round it to 16,000.

Oddly enough, 16,000 is MI5’s estimate of Muslim terrorists in the UK, and the coalition’s estimate of Baathist and al Queda killers in Iraq.

Next time you get mad at the MSM, remember there are only 16,000 of them out there.