Driving In France

September 18, 2005

France allows its criminals to prey on foreigner visitors. It also supplies diplomatic and financial support for the Mullahs’ nukes and Palestinian murder of Jews. Same motivation – French governments are predators and they support their own kind.

Mrs G and I have been looking for a (small) country place in Europe, and having been disappointed in Italy have researched France. It’s scary: this from David Hampshire’s Buying a Home In France (my emphasis):

Highway Piracy: (les pirates de la route) is becoming an increasing problem in some areas, where foreign drivers are are often targets. Gangs deliberately bump or ram cars to get drivers to stop, usually late at night when there’s little traffic about. A driver may may also pose as a plain clothes policeman and try to get you to stop by flashing a “badge” or setting up bogus road blocks. Traveling at night in France is becoming increasingly hazardous and should be avoided if possible.

The Brit Foreign Office confirms and extends the warning (my emphasis):

There is…a continuing problem of burglaries taking place during the night whilst travelers have been asleep in their caravans, mobile homes or other vehicles. In a number of these cases, victims had first been rendered unconscious by the thieves using gas.

In Calais British registered cars may be targeted by thieves, both while parked and on the move (eg by thieves flagging down drivers for a lift or indicating that the vehicle has a flat tyre).

Visitors to Commonwealth War Grave cemeteries in northern France, many of which are in isolated areas, are advised not leave handbags or other valuables in parked cars as they can be the target for thieves.

In populated areas of the South of France, particularly in the Marseille to Menton area, you are advised to keep car doors locked and windows closed when driving as it is common for bags to be snatched from the front passenger seat, often when the vehicle is stationary at traffic lights and usually by individuals on motorbikes.

In the Rhone-Alps Region a British couple were recently robbed after their car had been flagged down by thieves who had indicated that something was wrong with the vehicle.

FYI, Commonwealth War Graves are the “corners of a foreign field that shall be forever England” occupied by the million or so Brits that dies to keep the French free.

Such crime exists in all countries, but in hight trust societies like the UK the local cops aggressively patrol areas being targeted in this way. But the French authorities choose not to. This is characteristic of France’s low trust society, and explains French support for murderous despots like the Iranians and and terrorists like Hamas. France’s government chooses not to stop criminals targeting visitors to their country because it is predatory itself and so identifies with domestic thieves and predatory foreign regimes.

We may still buy somewhere in France provided the local cops don’t stop us packing heat.


Enemies of Freedom (2)

September 18, 2005

Secondary news feeds are also sources of systemic bias – for example the MyWay News home page defaults to AP and Reuters stories.

A search doesn’t reveal who owns MyWay, but it smells NYT – does anybody out there know?