Having a Laugh

“Having a Laugh” is currently Brit slang for an obvious deception – when London authorities initially claimed that the 7/7 bombs were just an electrical problem, a London cabbie remarked “They’re having a laugh – it’s the mossies”. (“Mossies” is the Brit term for their Islamic guests.)

Blair is now having a laugh. The London Telegraph joyfully reports “IRA Arms Dumped”. Sure, right into armories of splinter terrorists.

The dumping (my ellipsis and emphasis):

The IRA has finally put its arsenal of weapons and explosives amassed during 35 years of the Troubles out of action, the (retired Canadian general) head of the international arms decommissioning body said yesterday.

Gen John de Chastelain said he believed that the IRA had disposed of all its arms but questions were raised over the verification procedure when he said that his assertion would have to be taken on trust.

…Roman Catholic and Protestant clergymen…witnessed the decommissioning of an arsenal that was believed to have contained more than 1,000 rifles, 500 handguns, 40 mortars, at least one surface-to-air missile, six flame throwers, 600 bomb detonators and three tons of Semtex.

Tony Blair said: “This is the moment we have been waiting for. It has taken years of patience and perseverance and often disappointment.

Of course there’s no reason at all why the IRA fear state gang should disarm. If for some unknowable reason they did so, they’d want to be believed and would do the deed in public, not in hiding in front of a couple of clerics and a retired Canadian general. And real decommissioning would involve some mighty explosions.

The Clinton-bashing Reverend Ian Paisley is now having a laugh at Tony (my ellipsis).

Unknown numbers of IRA weapons have ended up in the hands of splinter groups and no-one can say that all have been decommissioned, the Reverend Ian Paisley said today.

He said the intelligence estimates used by members of the International Independent Commission on Decommissioning (IICD) to judge whether all the IRA weapons were gone had been revised.

“Part of the weapons that should have been decommissioned have disappeared, and the security forces admit they are probably in the hands of dissidents.”

He said even the weapons estimate used had an upper and lower tolerance – but the (retired Canadian) general had refused to disclose whether weapons actually decommissioned met the higher or lower level.

(The Reverend Paisley) said they “got the greatest surprise of all” when they discovered that improvised weapons were not covered on the intelligence lists.

So, the IRA has handed its weapons to its buddies – folks like the Real IRA who murdered 29 old people, women and kids using a decoy bomb to herd them into the kill-zone of their IED. And the IRA has kept some weapons. And they’ve retained their IEDs.

Very funny. And very Canadian.


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