The Future Of Islamic Depravity

Muslims wage war against innocent civilians with a cruelty and cowardice that are characteristic of dispossessed dominant minorities. The good news is that historically, such groups never return to power and are always extirpated.

Here are some recent examples of muslim war-fighting – skip over this if you know the stories or have a weak stomach.


In Israel, Palestinian killers murdered a pregnant woman and her four daughters, who were aged 2, 7, 9 and 11. After shooting up the vehicle and causing it skid off the road, they went up to the car and killed all the occupants at close range. Can you imagine the scene in the car? The woman and her kids either dead, unconscious or screaming with pain and shock. And can you conceive of any man who would shoot each of them?

In Iraq, we had the head hackers (now dispatched by our special forces). Their display of strength was to kidnap unarmed civilians, hog-tie them, and saw their heads off while recording their death agonies. The videos they posted are still avidly watched by their co-religionists. Oddly, they showed some concern for the nurse they captured, shooting her before disembowelment.

Again in Iraq, try to put yourself in the minds of the men who drove up to a school, took the 6 teachers captive in front of the school-kids, and shot them. This is part of a long series of slaughters of civilians – in funeral processions, mosques, while shopping or at religious gatherings. Not to mention the murder of little kids who commit the crime of taking candy from Americans – remember the pathetic pile of tiny, blood stained sandals?

And on 9/11 and 7/7, muslim guests in our societies slaughtered not our power brokers or soldiers but ordinary men and women going about their lives. Many muslims celebrate this as a great victory.

The killers have their supporters in our societies – LGF chronicles them daily.

In the UK, Tony Blair is advised by a “moderate” muslim lawyer who called the Holocaust “a big lie” and says that Blair is controlled by a sinister conspiracy between Freemasons and Jews. Another “moderate” muslim adviser tried to get the Brit Holocaust Memorial Day scrapped, on the grounds that it was not “inclusive” – he refused to attend the events organized for that day. The (non-muslim) Mayor of London hosts muslims who advocate execution of homosexuals and little girls & deny women basic civil rights.


There are four examples of similar behaviors in modern history:

1. The Japanese in WW2, who routinely decapitated, bayoneted, crucified or raped their bound captives.

2. The Hutu people that hacked to death about 1 million of their fellow Tutsis using hatchets and knives.

3. The Germans in WW2, who had (among other perversions) a penchant for burning women and kids alive. If you’re ever in France, visit Oradour-sur-Glane, an example of the slaughter they repeated in thousands of towns and villages across occupied Europe.

4. The Serbs in former Yugoslavia, who considered themselves brave to machine gun thousands of bound men, including kids and old men.


There is a pattern to these groups of sadistic cowards: they are all dispossessed dominant minorities. And in their sadistic rages always bring about their own destruction.

Many muslims believe that their historical birthright is to rule the world, yet, due to their own inadequacies find this gaol unreachable. In Iraq, the 10% of the population that is Sunni Arab ran Iraq until 3 years ago and cannot accept the prospect of sharing power with Sunni Kurds and Shia Arabs.

The WW2 Germans thought themselves members of the Teutonic race, which had been oppressed by the Jews but now was destined to rule a world of Untermensch. The Japanese had similarly seen their civilization revealed as inadequate when it was forced to open up by the West.

The Hutus and Serbs had run their countries and were facing the prospect of sharing power.

So these dispossessed dominant minorities became depraved – abandoning valor, humanity and decency.

What happens to these groups? Historically, they are defeated in detail and their leaders killed – an old US warrior of my acquaintance called the Japanese solution: “Flat tops, Corsairs and Nukes”.

The solutions for Germany and Japan worked well – almost too well in the case of the now-timid Germans. The Serbs are an open issue – we have hunted down and killed many of the bad actors, but some are still free. The Tutsis destroyed the Hutu armies in battle, won power and are slowly eliminating their murderers – and even rehabilitating some.

Israel is in good shape – I hope the leader of the group that killed the mother and her little girls saw the missile homing on his cellphone before it took his head off. Israel’s warrior people, defended by a security fence and equipped with very advanced conventional and nuclear weapons should be able to eliminate its enemies.

Iraq is looking good too, beacuse the Shias and Kurds have the oil, and the Kurds have good armed forces. As the US and UK withdraw and the world looks elsewhere, the Sunni terrorists will be extirpated by the other two groups.

How the US and Europe will deal with their nests of depraved muslims remains to be seen. But deal with them they they will – once dispossessed, dominant minorities stay dispossessed.


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