German Joke

The coalition between Merkel’s CDU and Schroeder’s (prior to his resigning) SPD is dissolving before it’s formed and German pols need help, as suggested in this updated German Joke.

The Problem

German Grand Coalition May Die Before It’s Born

One of the leaders in Germany’s proposed coalition government said Monday he was stepping down as party chairman, raising questions about the future of the deal struck to give the country its first female leader.

After announcing he would give up his position as head of the Social Democrats, Franz Muentefering said it was uncertain whether he would serve as vice chancellor in the new Cabinet under Chancellor-designate Angela Merkel.

The Solution

Berlin November 2005. The CDU elite faces crisis – not only are they unable to govern, but they need to close Germany’s $42 billion budget gap by end 2007 – otherwise the EU will hand Germany over to better-managed Poland.

Then a stroke of luck – German secret agents in the US report a 55 year old perfect clone of Adolph Hitler has been found running a bookstore in Washington DC!

The CDU team sends over a top level deputation of pols and military to ask Adolph to return as Father of the German people.

Arriving at Dulles, they limo straight to the bookstore, and yes, the great leader is there! They put the deal to him. After a lot of detailed negotiation, mostly to do with when he can invade which countries, he says he’ll sleep on the decision, and asks them to call back the next day.

Next day, the delegation arrives bright and early, and, kneeling, asks Hitler for his decision.

“I will lead the German people once again, and put them in their rightful place as masters of Europe” he says incisively, “BUT…”

“BUT?” the deputation choruses in terror…

“This time, No More Mister Nice Guy.”

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