Blair Plumbs New Depths

Blair’s government just canned its plan to pardon fugitive IRA killers after the killers objected to the parallel pardoning of Brit soldiers who killed terrorists in the line of duty.

It seems that there’s nothing Blair won’t do to appease terrorists – he’ll probably pardon the 7/7 killers and their supporters, provided that Al Queda is happy with his also pardoning our victims and cops. Meantime the Brit army is melting down under his repeated assaults.

The story:

The Government has dropped controversial legislation which would have allowed terror suspects to return to Northern Ireland without ever being jailed.

Mr Hain told MPs that Sinn Fein’s decision to oppose the Bill had made the legislation meaningless. Sinn Fein were concerned security forces would also qualify for the scheme.”Sinn Fein has now said that any republican potentially covered by the legislation should have nothing to do with it,” the minister said.

“But if nobody goes through the process, victims, who would have suffered the pain of having to come to terms with this legislation, would have had done so for nothing.

“That is unacceptable and I am therefore withdrawing the Bill.”

Blair’s constant persecution of Brit armed forces has caused a big recruitment problem for the Brit Army (my emphasis)

Soldiers who persuade friends to join the infantry will be paid a £500 bounty as part of an emergency campaign to halt a catastrophic decline in recruiting. The campaign will be launched during a six-week period over Christmas in an attempt to help to halt the growing recruitment crisis.

A Ministry of Defence document obtained by this newspaper has revealed that the infantry is facing one of its worst recruiting crises – less than half the number of recruits needed will join this year.

Brits will die because of Blair’s campaign against their armed forces, and it will take years to rebuild a fighting army after he’s gone.


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