Game Over For The New York Times

The blogosphere just forced the New York Times to retract a fabrication. It’s been injecting untruths into the minds of its readers for a long time, including one about John F Kennedy. It’s good to know its lyin’ days are done.

Remember last week’s Predator attack on the
Al Queda house party?

At least four foreign terrorists died in the purported U.S. airstrike aimed at Al Qaeda’s No. 2 leader in a Pakistani border village, the provincial government said Tuesday.

Pakistani intelligence officials have said Ayman al-Zawahiri, Usama bin Laden’s top lieutenant, had been invited to a dinner in the targeted village of Damadola to mark an Islamic holiday but did not show up and sent some aides instead.

Civilians in the host village were unfortunately killed, but hopefully in future other villages will steer clear of hosting Al Queda meetings.

The NYT naturally played this story as a botched slaughter of the innocent, and to tug its readers heartstrings published this photo and title from AFP (the integrity-filled Agence France Press).

Pakistani men with the remains of a missile fired at a house in the Bajur tribal zone near the Afghan border.

The American Thinker picked up the deception, hat tip LGF and PowerLine, The villagers are displaying a live and unfired 6″ artillery shell – goodness knows how these innocent tribesmen got hold of it! Predators fire the AGM-65 Maverick, which leaves only tiny pieces of metal when its shaped charge warhead explodes. The nosecone is a transparent dome over TV seeker, so if for some reason it impacted without exploding, it would be a mess of metal and plastic.

Anyone in the NYT editorial chain with an ounce of knowledge would have known this.

Here’s another NYT lie. Readers may have a dim recollection that when John F Kennedy made his famous 1963 speech in Berlin, his statement “Ich bin ein Berliner” caused the crowd to laugh, since it meant “I am a jelly-filled doughnut”.

This story originates in an April 1988 NYT piece, and The Pedant’s Revolt, an excellent book that debunks commonly held “truths” shows it to be a lie (page 87, UK edition) .

According to linguistics professor Jurgen Eichoff, “Ich bin ein Berliner” is the only correct way of expressing in German…”I stand with the people of Berlin”. Outside the city of Berlin, a Berliner is indeed a variety of doughnut, but within Berlin the pastry is termed a Pfannkuchen. In (Eichoff’s) view, there is not the slightest chance that anyone in the audience could have interpreted “Berliner” as denoting a jelly-filled doughnut.

JFK was a staunch anti-communist, and the NYT sides with America’s enemies, at that time communism. By portraying the guy as an idiot, they sought to undermine him without directly attacking a Democrat, a party they nominally support.

But now their game is over.


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