This Just In!

Here’s a possibly vain attempt to emulate James Taranto’s Best of the Web.

Tony, Socialist Rationing Does Not Work!
The law is to be changed to allow up to three prostitutes to work legally in brothels as part of the Government’s new vice strategy.

They Meant “Hamper”, Right?
Two Cambridge University students have admitted sending a live hamster through the post. (They) admitted abandoning a hamster in circumstances likely to cause the animal unnecessary suffering. The hamster survived the ordeal.

And Your Point Is?
The British National Party leader…faces a series of race hate charges arising out of speeches (in 2004) featured in an undercover BBC documentary on the party. (The prosecutor told the Jury):

“Some of his analysis of a situation is, you may think, perfectly legitimate political comment. He deals with serious issues. He accurately predicts events that happened in London in July 2005.” But (he) urged the jury to look at how and why (the party leader) had said what he said.

Oh, THOSE Golden Globes
Felicity Huffman was widely praised for her performance as a pre-operative male transsexual on a road trip with a bisexual prostitute who doesn’t know he’s her son.

Syntax Error! Does Nor Compile!
EU powers plan action on Iran.

Depends On The Meaning Of The Word “Eligible”
Clinton Eligible, Once Again, To Practice Law


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