Violence, Brit Style

January 18, 2006

Snippets from the local MSM showing the silly and dark sides of the Brits (my ellipsis).

Extreme Vengeance

A hamster that achieved celebrity when she was found with her head poking out of an envelope in a post box was mailed as a bizarre act of revenge, a court heard yesterday. (The accused said) he posted (the hamster) to (an adversary) “to cause confusion – I suppose to make him look after it”.

Extreme Drunkenness

A British diplomat returning from the tsunami in Thailand verbally and physically abused passengers on the flight home after going on a drinking binge, a court was told yesterday. He made disparaging remarks about the Thai king and the Buddha and said North Koreans were untrustworthy, it was said.

Extreme Justice

The leader of the British National Party predicted that Islamic terrorists would set off bombs in major British cities causing blood on the streets more than a year before the July 7 attacks, a court heard today. (He) denies two counts of using words or behaviour intending to stir up racial hatred and two of using words or behaviour likely to stir up racial hatred.

Extreme Concern For Taxpayer’s Money

(A) millionaire lotto winner has been granted legal aid to fight a court case. The ex-binman, who won £9.7m in the lotto, is accused of affray. A spokeswoman for the Department for Constitutional Affairs said if legal aid was applied for it was granted automatically so there was no delay in the legal process. “It is more or less a matter of course in a criminal case like this. This case is no different,” she said. “When he was arrested how was the court to know he’s a millionaire or not?

Real Extremism

A farm that has been breeding guinea pigs for medical research and has been targeted by animal rights activists is to officially close. It was hoped the decision would prompt those who took the remains of the mother-in-law of (the) part-owner of the farm from a churchyard (to) return them. Her remains were taken in October 2004. She had been buried there seven years earlier.