True Brit Pedophilia

January 23, 2006

Courts in the US and UK just ruled on parents’ involvement in their kids’ abortions. American families survive in good shape while Brits get state pedophilia.

Here’s the
Supreme Court:

…in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of New England, which is the first abortion case they’ve heard in quite a while. The issue was whether a federal court can entirely strike down a parental “involvement” statute for failing to make a health exception. The Court unanimously said “no.”

The decision is not perfect – if a child’s health is at risk, its parents consent is not needed, and the “health” loophole has led the millions of Brit abortions – but at least the parents are kept in the loop for “normal” abortions.

Brit parents aren’t even allowed to know that their kids have been given abortions:

A mother today lost her High Court battle for a parent’s “right to know” if girls under 16 are being advised on obtaining an abortion. Mr Justice Silber, sitting in London, ruled that (no) parent had no right to know unless the child decided otherwise.

To force a girl to tell her parents “may lead her to make a decision that she later regrets or seek the assistance of an unofficial abortionist”, said the judge.

Who benefits from denial of parental care for a pregnant 11-year old?

The father of the aborted baby benefits – he’s protected from the wrath of the parents – so kids become fair game for sexual predators. The Brit anti-family lobby gains – no parent held in such ignorance can care for and nurture their kids, so the “professionals” get control.

The family loses – by authorizing the child to lie, the state breaks the trust that ties it together. The child loses – cut off from her mother’s support, she’s forced into the hands of the “professionals” and maybe the mercies of a sexual predator. And the law loses, since impregnating a child is a crime that the state has chosen to ignore.

Sadly some of these “professionals” are plain depraved (Spectator, free subscription, irritating cookies):

…a sex education booklet from the Family Planning Association, aimed at nine- to 11-year-olds, includes explicit drawings and advice about masturbation. Similarly, a leaflet from the state-funded Brook Advisory Service told schoolboys as young as 13…the best types of condoms for oral and anal sex.

Perverting children and procuring abortions for them while cutting them off from their parents’ protection is true pedophilia.