A Canadian Lesson For Brit Tories

The new Brit Tory leader has dumped core conservative values, hoping to encourage socialists to vote for him. The lesson from Canada is that such appeasement is unnecessary and will greatly delay the recovery of Brit society from socialism.

Here’s a flavor of the new Tory policies:

Dropping tax cuts
They’ve de-prioritized cutting taxes, abandoning the Thatcher/Reagan/Bush policy of growing the economy by returning taxpayer’s money.

Supporting the Kyoto treaty
That will makes Brits depend on gas from Russia as their own supplies run out. It’s also lousy science, but that’s not new – Tories are traditionally the stupid party.

Aiming for wealth redistribution, not creation
A future Tory government will make wealth redistribution its goal – the plan that worked so well under Communism!

Locking people in the awful national health system
They’ve dropped plans for a voucher system that would allow poor taxpayers to escape (the better-off already have private insurance).

Locking poor but smart kids in a uniform education system
They now oppose specialist schools for smart kids from poor families (I went to one) – not a good idea since 60 million Brits on a tiny island must survive on their wits.

These New Tories are doing this because many Brits live outside the market economy and will like their new policies. They hope that traditional Tory voters will hold their noses and vote for them anyway. If the plan works, they’ll get elected in 2009/10 on a socialist ticket.

Canada offers an alternative. Thirteen years ago the conservatives were reduced to just 2 seats in parliament and the liberals seemed to have won the game forever. But then the liberals did liberal things, crime exploded, and like all despots the liberals became corrupt. So now the conservatives are back – in a coalition, but so were the liberals. And these are real conservatives – pro US, pro-defense, and socially conservative.

This 13-year decay from absolute victory to defeat looks uncannily like the Brit experience. Mrs Thatcher lasted 11 years before being removed in a coup. Her replacement limped along for 7 years before collapsing in a mess of corruption, appeasement and economic failure. If the Tories had not sandbagged Mrs T, they might have lost the next election – 13 year cycle – but would have kept their reputation for competence.

Blair’s socialists were elected in 1997 on the back of the same public revulsion against the Tories that ejected Canadian conservatives in 1993. The next Brit election is due on of before 2010 – 13 years, and Blair’s ship is sinking. Usual causes – incompetence, failure and petty corruption.

On this analysis, all the Tories need do is wait. By becoming socialist themselves, they risk suffering the fate of Mrs T’s successor, gaining power briefly but at the cost of another 13 years in the wilderness. By which time the Brits may not exist as a nation.


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