Farewell Germany

The circumstances of the release of Susanne Osthoff confirm that Germans are indifferent to our interests, and we should reciprocate.

Susanne Osthoff, 43, was released after a month in captivity on Dec 18. While she took a shower in Germany’s embassy in Baghdad, officers from the BND, its intelligence service, found “several thousand dollars” fastened with rubber bands in her clothes, according to one of the investigators. Their serial numbers matched those on notes paid to secure her release.

While the German government has refused to comment on whether it paid a ransom, it is widely speculated that the equivalent of £3 million was handed over to secure her freedom.

Miss Osthoff had picked up several thousand dollars from a bank shortly before being taken. The money – believed to be £9,500 – was intended to pay contractors for a building project in Mosul.

She told investigators she pressed her kidnappers – whom she understood to be part of al-Qa’eda – to return the money, which they did on the last day of her captivity, mixing it with banknotes from the ransom.

They saw it, she is reported to have said, as “compensation” for her 23-day ordeal.

In summary:

1. The German government paid £3 million – $5 million – to the group that murdered 3,000 US citizens on 9/11, and which seeks the destruction of the US.

2. The German government freed the man who tortured and murdered an American, Robert Stethem.

3. The German government refused a formal US request to either not release the killer, or to extradite him to the US for trial:

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales requested that the German government not release Mohammed Ali Hamadi, a convicted hijacker accused of killing a US Navy diver, but Germany refused, the Bush administration confirmed Wednesday.

Hamadi is suspected of killing Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem while aboard the flight, but the German government refused to hand over Hamadi and rebuffed US requests that he not be released.

4. The German “kidnap victim” was complicit in the whole dirty business.

We should abandon this self-absorbed nation to its decline, issue a warrant for Osthoff’s arrest for sponsoring terror, and track down and kill Hamadi.


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