Carter Shows The Way

Jimmy Carter continues to be an invaluable aid to moral clarity – what he says is right is actually wrong, and vice-versa. So funding Hamas by the back door, as he suggests, is plain wrong and the US should cut all direct and indirect funding of Palestinians (my emphasis).

Former President Carter said the United States, by law, would have to cut off direct funding to the Palestinian Authority as soon as Hamas takes control, but it should look for other ways to give money to the Palestinians, such as through the United Nations. Hamas has been branded a terrorist group by the U.S. and Europe.

“United States law would require that the money would be cut off if Hamas is in the government, so that’s a foregone conclusion,” Carter told The Associated Press.

Carter said the United States should increase its donations to U.N. and other aid groups earmarked for the Palestinians to make up for the cut in direct aid “so that the people can still continue to have food and shelter and health care and education.”

He’s saying that a nation that’s elected a government of100% certified terrorists should be funded by the US in a manner that circumvents US law. Because any money we give a terror state simply frees funds for it to spend on killing. And that assumes that earmarking works in a terror state – it doesn’t because the money provided for “food and shelter and health care and education” is simply taken by men with guns. If Carter doesn’t realize this, he’s a fool – and if he does, he’s a knave.

Here’s the record of the people he wants the US to finance:

Hamas has set the destruction of Israel as its goal. Between September 2000 and April 2004, Hamas perpetrated 425 terrorist attacks against Israel and murdered 377 Israelis – nine every month.

377 dead out 6 million Israelis are equivalent to 18,850 dead Americans, that’s six 9/11s at the rate of about two every year.


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