Blair Can’t Appease Everybody…

Politicians are natural appeasers, bending to the strong and ignoring the weak. Blair is an extreme example, so now finds himself appeasing two opposed groups – muslims and gays. Brits can use this conflict to stop him silencing their free speech.


Muslim demonstrators threatening mass murder got a pass from the London cops, and the natives are not happy (my ellipsis & emphasis):

As fanatics – some dressed as suicide bombers – staged more protests yesterday, David Davis, the shadow (opposition) home secretary, said the police should take action against what were clearly offences of incitement to murder.

At the height of the protests on Friday demonstrators chanted slogans threatening more London bombings, praising the “magnificent” 9/11 hijackers and waving placards saying “Massacre those who insult Islam”, “Europe you will pay” and “Europe you’ll come crawling when Mujahideen come roaring”.

The cops made just two arrests:

The only arrests made were of two men found carrying cartoons of Mohammed. Police said they had been detained “to prevent a breach of the peace”.

Meanwhile, a pol who was just acquitted of the crime of criticizing Muslims is to be tried again. It’s not quite double jeopardy, since the jury didn’t decide two charges, but it’s pretty unusual.


First the mandatory disclaimer – some of my best friends etc. This group – maybe 7% of the population – has smart and energetic lobbyists who have clearly got to Blair. As a result, he’s using the cops to shut down debate on matters that many Brits consider to be very important – gay unions and adoption. Here’s an example (my ellipsis and emphasis):

Lynette Burrows, an author on children’s rights and a family campaigner, took part in a discussion on (BBC) Radio…about the new civil partnerships act.

During the programme, she said she did not believe that homosexuals should be allowed to adopt. She added that placing boys with two homosexuals for adoption was as obvious a risk as placing a girl with two heterosexual men who offered themselves as parents. “It is a risk,” she said. “You would not give a small girl to two men.”

A member of the public complained to the police and an officer contacted Mrs Burrows the following day to say a “homophobic incident” had been reported against her.

“I was astounded,” she said. “I told her this was a free country and we are allowed to express opinions on matters of public interest. She told me it was not a crime but that she had to record these incidents.

Scotland Yard confirmed last night that Fulham police had investigated a complaint over the radio programme. A spokesman said it was policy for community safety units to investigate homophobic, racist and domestic incidents because these were “priority crimes”.

It is standard practice for all parties to be spoken to, even if the incident is not strictly seen as a crime. “It is all about reassuring the community,” said the spokesman. “We can confirm that a member of the public brought to our attention an incident which he believed to be homophobic. “All parties have been spoken to by the police. No allegation of crime has been made. A report has been taken but is now closed.”

So although no crime was alleged, the cops now have a file on her. Brit police files have been used to deny other Brits their livelihood, without access to a court of law, so she has a right to feel intimidated. And how about this?

…73-year-old Joe Roberts and his wife Helen, 68…complained when they saw a table in their local council office displaying homosexual literature. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts were of the opinion that taxpayer-funded premises and employees should not be used for promoting lifestyle issues and called to complain, as is their right.

The council reacted negatively, whereupon the pair asked whether they could at least display some Christian literature on the same table. Permission was refused on the grounds that it might give offense to the gay community. Mr. Roberts hit back with along the lines of “Well, what if I’m offended by homosexuality?” The phone call ended and that should have been the end of the angry exchange.

The next day, two police officers came to call on the elderly couple and spent over an hour grilling them about the 10-minute phone call. The officers told the pair that they were “walking on eggshells”. The Robertses were left with the impression that repeating their request to the council could lead to their being charged with a crime.

So Blair is using the cops to intimidate people who don’t buy the messages of the groups he’s pandering to.

Now the good news. These stories are being widely discussed within the UK, and the effect is the opposite of that intended – public esteem for these two groups has plummeted and Blair is regarded with universal contempt. Sadly, the cops are also now regarded by many as politicized.

Finally, here’s what you have to do if the cops come calling for you:

  • If they want to “interview” you about your making non-criminal statement about gays, explain cops that you are – or someone close to you is – Muslim, and that many of that religion kill gays as an act of faith. Tell them that, unless their Chief Constable writes you next day assuring you that all records of the complaint have been erased, you’ll ask the Imam at your local mosque to call a Fatwa against him.

  • If cops arrest you while your protesting a bunch of Muslims committing hate crimes, explain that you are – or someone close to you is – gay. Ask them why they are suppressing your right to object to people who slaughter gays as an act of faith. Explain that, unless you are released immediately and receive next day a personal apology form their Chief Constable, you will be publicizing their homophobic behavior to all the media.

That should fix the creep.


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