Texas, London Needs You

London’s cops are importing policing methods from Chicago, which is less safe than the Sunni triangle, and rather than arresting masked hate-criminals at the crime scene they’re relying on movies to track them down. Londoners should replace this shower with 10 Texas Rangers.

Here’s the London Times:

WHEN Britain seeks to learn lessons from American police it triggers headlines about “Robocop” or Judge Dredd. But now a gentler voice is coming from the other side of the Atlantic, talking about communities, trust and listening.

The police chief of Chicago will this week talk to Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, and Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, about implementing a softly-softly approach to the battle against crime in the capital.

This does not compute:

The number of murders in Chicago in 2004, at 448, was the lowest since 1965. The city has a population of 2.8 million against 7.3 million for London, which had 194 murders in that year.

Soo…every Chicagoan has a 2,800,000/448 chance of being murdered each year – that’s 1 in 6,250. Whereas every Londoner has a 7,300,000/194 chance of being murdered each year, that’s 1 in 37,628.

That makes Londoners 6 times less likely to be whacked than Chicagoans. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, London’s finest are still planning to track down all those hate-crime-inciting Muslim demonstrators that they refused to arrest at the crime scene:

Scotland Yard said it was studying film of the protests but refused to say if any prosecutions would go ahead.

“This should not be seen as a sign of a lack of activity. Specialist officers were deployed to record any potential event, should it be needed at any point in the future.” She said the Crown Prosecution Service was responsible for deciding whether to press charges.

Sadly, all but one of the hate-criminals hid their faces:

One of three veiled women – or at least people who appeared to be women – was seen writing placards and distributing them. Most were held by men who had also hidden their identity.

…and the cops were very protective of one who did not:

Police hinder photographers as they try to get further pictures of the protester in the ‘bomb vest’

London needs not Chicago cops but a very small contingent of these men:

One of the most enduring phrases associated with the Texas Rangers today is One Riot, One Ranger

Blair will be shy about asking for help, so I suggest the president just sends over a loan contingent as a gift.

Muslim terror-inciters should then bear in mind that in Texas inquests, a felon shot while running from a Ranger is judged a suicide…


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