The UN Bringers Of Death

The much-trumpeted referral of Iran to the UN security Council will achieve nothing – the UN secretariat, the Russians and the Chinese are complicit in Iran’s nuclear weapons program, so will impede and if necessary veto effective sanctions. That will lead to millions of deaths. Here’s the story on the UN.

Annan’s credentials as a corrupt hater of Israel, and supporter of Iran, are well known, here’s the scoop on ElBaradei and the IAEA.

ElBaradei is an Egyptian pol who took over the IAEA 8 years ago and allowed this to happen (WSJ, subscription):

Since its start in 1985, Iran’s atomic program has been an ambitious, highly deceptive project. However, the IAEA gave the regime a clean bill of nuclear health, over and over again. The first 12 of those years, gullible Hans Blix, IAEA director general, believed in almost everything Tehran told him. He arrogantly dismissed warnings.

His successor, Mohamed ElBaradei…proceeded on a similar path. But disclosures by experts in the West — confirmed by militant groups within Iran — made the IAEA denial absurd. Mr. ElBaradei revealed the truth on Nov. 10, 2003, in a stunning report to the IAEA board of governors: Iran had been lying to the IAEA for almost two decades.

ElBaradei admitted rather than “revealed” the truth – Iranian patriots had already done the revealing. Since then the Mullahs are happy that he’s flown top cover for them (my emphasis):

UN Nuclear Watchdog Chief Mohamed Elbaradei said in an interview with (Islamic Republic News Agency), “Iran’s nuclear dossier at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) would be closed once all remaining questions would be promptly answered.”

He expressed hope that Iran would continue its transparent policy in reflecting the truth regarding its nuclear programs to the IAEA in shortest possible time.

Elbaradei said, “We have achieved progress in finding the roots of nuclear pollution in Iran and Pakistan, too, has cooperated with us satisfactorily in that respect.”

A nation that’s run a covert nuclear program for 20 years is “transparent”! The only transparency about Elbaradei is his hatred of the US administration – even the WaPo noticed:

October 28, 2004
LESS THAN A POUND of the high explosive known as HMX was enough to destroy a Pan Am jumbo jet over Scotland in 1988 in one of the worst terrorist attacks against Americans before Sept. 11, 2001. So it can only be dismaying to learn that nearly 215 tons of the substance — enough for hundreds of thousands of such bombs — disappeared from an Iraqi weapons facility sometime after March 2003, when it was last seen by international inspectors.

It’s worth noting, meanwhile, that the sensation over the missing explosives emanates from the International Atomic Energy Agency, whose director, the Egyptian Mohamed ElBaradei, has been an adversary of the Bush administration on Iraq since well before the war.

This month Mr. ElBaradei delivered a report to the U.N. Security Council complaining of “widespread and apparently systematic dismantlement” of dual use equipment at sites once related to Iraq’s nuclear program — at least some of which apparently was done by the U.S. mission itself.

News of the missing explosives then leaked to the U.S. media within days of its receipt by his agency. On the same day that it appeared in the New York Times, Mr. ElBaradei took the unusual step of submitting a second letter to the Security Council confirming the report. The fact that he was providing easy fodder for Mr. Kerry’s campaign just eight days before the presidential election evidently did not deter this U.N. civil servant.

Annan and ElBaradei have ensured that either the West will take out the Iranian nuclear program which is deeply entrenched in their civilian population, or – if they cannot or will not – that the Mullahs will make good their threats against Israel and the West. Either way, millions die.


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