Technology Transfer, Chinese Style

Google & Yahoo’s new friends seem to have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Ko-Suen Moo of Taipei, Taiwan, and Maurice Serge Voros of Paris were indicted in Miami of trying to ship an F-16 engine, Black Hawk helicopter engines, cruise missiles and air-to-air missiles to China, U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta said.

Moo was also looking to buy up to 70 Black Hawk helicopter engines, according to court papers. But the Chinese were more interested in the F-16 engine, the court papers say. In early October, after looking to buy AMG-129 cruise and AIM-120 air-to-air missiles, Moo deposited $3.9 million in a Swiss bank account.

In an October 2004 e-mail detailing his interest in the Black Hawk helicopters, Moos said China had “assigned a ‘negotiation company’ to act on behalf of China because the country did not want its name on any of the contracts,” according to court papers.

If these guys had used a secure email service, none of this embarrassment would have happened!


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