Support British Troops!

The kerfuffle about Brit soldiers roughing up Iraqi rioters shows the Brit government and MSM to be hypocrites and fools. Wouldn’t it be nice if Blair made this statement:

“British soldiers in Iraq are doing an excellent job in a tough situation, and they have my full support. I am responsible for their being there, so if you have problems about their war fighting, address them to me, not them.”

The young soldiers being persecuted were sent to war by Blair. War means killing and hurting people and breaking things. The Brit contingent in Iraq has been doing this for almost 3 years, behaving as their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers did. Brit soldiers killed surrendering German machine gunners in WW1. In WW2 they bayoneted captured Japanese soldiers, and shot captured SS officers and men. Their allies did the same – see this insensitive behavior of US troops to surrendering German snipers.

There are good reasons why soldiers kill or brutalize captives:

1. It improves morale. When a unit has taken many casualties, it may doubt its competence. Vengeance reinforces its sense of control.

2. It saves time – prisoners have to be escorted to POW camps and guarded by men who could otherwise be fighting alongside their mates.

3. When it’s known to the enemy, it discourages them. Iraqis throwing rocks at Brit soldiers learned that they could be hurt in return (unfortunately they’ve now learned they’ll get compensated).

Of course there are bad reasons for vengeance. But fighting is not an easy experience, and after the action is over, it’s hard for pumped young men to return immediately to normality. So there is a transition, where captives may be hurt – officers are supposed to manage this.

Brit soldiers in Iraq fight under very restricted rules of engagement and have lost over 100 men. Thye”ve shown extra ordinary bravery – think of the two SAS soldiers, surrounded by brutal enemies, patiently tracking down the local head-hackers.

To send men to do this bloody job and then refuse to accept the consequences is hypocrisy.

It’s stupid too – if you punish people for their actions, they avoid future punishment in the most economical way. So if you discipline support staff because customers are unhappy, they just avoid customer contact – that’s easier than trying to balance their resources and deal with a bunch of cranky customers.

So the Brit army is not learning to be nice to captured terrorist suspects. It’s learning to avoid fighting – that way they won’t be vilified by their MSM and prosecuted by their pols.

This is not an outcome any Brit should want.


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