Judging A Book By Its Critics

Gitmo’s critics are all bad actors – corrupt and/or appeasing pols, or thuggish tyrants. Since Gitmo criticism is a litmus test of evil, the US should keep the facility open in perpetuity as a service to freedom.

Kofi Annan

“The basic point, that one cannot detain individuals in perpetuity and that charges have to be brought against them and be given a chance to explain themselves and be prosecuted, charged, or released, I think is common under any legal system,” Mr. Annan told reporters.

Dead right, one cannot detain individuals without trial etc – except for POWs, but, hey, that’s a detail – so this will be excellent news for the citizens being tortured and murdered by these thugs on the UN Commission On Human Rights:

Nation 2005 Freedom Rank
Azerbaijan Not Free
China Not Free
Cuba Not Free
Egypt Not Free
Eritrea Not Free
Pakistan Not Free
Qatar Not Free
Saudi Arabia Not Free
Sudan Not Free
Zimbabwe Not Free

Still, the “rapporteurs” working for these thugs have principles:

(Their) findings are based almost entirely on uncorroborated accounts of former Guantanamo detainees. None of the rapporteurs visited the facility, although last year they heavily publicized their attempt to gain access to Guantanamo. The Pentagon allowed them to visit as long as they abided by the same rules observed by visiting press reporters and American legislators – some of whom have returned from Guantanamo with very critical reports on conditions in the facility.

Nevertheless, in a defiant public letter, the five Geneva-based human rights experts refused to accept the American conditions. In a letter last November, they said “principles” they have set as guidelines for their work were not accepted by America, and therefore they would not go to Guantanamo. “These principles apply to all fact-finding missions undertaken by the different special rapporteurs,” the letter said.

Quite right too! Well with the odd small exception:

The main reason cited for declining the visit was that they were not permitted to interview detainees without being accompanied by American officials.

However, in a December report made by (these) rapporteurs about torture in China…”Officials from [China’s] ministry of foreign affairs accompanied (to detention centers in order to ensure unrestricted access”…

So we have a committee that includes thugs reporting to a master of corruption, with flexibly principled employees. But at least one man with a spotless reputation has spoken out against the horror of Gitmo:

Peter Hain, the Northern Ireland Secretary, has increased pressure on the United States to shut down the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay by backing its closure.

This is the same Peter Hain who has presided over Blair’s capitulation to the IRA, most recently offering their fugitive murderers an amnesty. Here’s a man clearly headed for the upper pastures of the UN.


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