The Curse Of Gandalf

This inadvertent curse fell on Apple Computers – after I decided to switch to a PowerBook, Apple obsoleted it before I could place my order and then became virus-prone. I need to find a less innocent party to curse.

With laptops I use “one strike and you’re out” – if one fails prematurely, I don’t use that manufacturer again – so have worked through Gateway, NEC, Sony, IBM & Dell. The current Toshiba is senile after just 4 years – failing memory (down to a lousy 256 Meg), arthritis (DVD player won’t play March Of The Penguins, Trackpoint mouse gone stiff), and it’s full of
Cruft. Its firewall, popup blacker, virus stopper & spyware doctor slow it to a shuffle.

So, early in January, I decided to move to the green fields of the Mac. Checked out nifty 15” PowerBook in Apple’s London showroom – looked good, so went off to research. Three days later Steve Jobs announce the MacBook Pro using Intel, not available until February. Having de-supported plenty of obsoleted systems in my life, decided to wait for MacBook to release & stabilize – living with the creaking Toshiba until this June and hoping no more bits would seize up.

Still, worth waiting for – at least when it did arrive it wouldn’t need all that PC antivirus stuff! Then two days back:

A malicious computer worm has been found that targets Apple Computer Inc.’s Mac OS X operating system, believed to be the first such virus aimed specifically at the Mac platform.

I think still worth waiting, but fully expect that in the interim Apple will sign up as chief Internet censor for the Chinese Tyrants and adopt French as its default GUI.

Still, this cursing ability should be exploitable – maybe if I converted to Islam they’d stop threatening to kill everybody who doesn’t agree with them?


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