The EU Becomes A Terrorist Organization

The EU has broken with its established policies, drawing a false distinction between its funding of “the Palestinian people” and funding the Hamas government these people elected. That makes the EU a terror state.

Europe will continue to financially support the Palestinian people regardless of which government is installed as the Palestinian Authority (PA), said the European Union’s top official for security and defense policy.“The EU will not abandon the Palestinian people,” Javier Solana said in a statement issued after a Feb. 13-16 swing through the Middle East.

The EU doesn’t apply this principle to other peoples – when they didn’t like the US government’s steel tariffs, they threatened hit back at the American people:

March 2002: The European Union is preparing to retaliate against the United States for President Bush’s 30 percent tariff on steel imports, and the GOP may be the most likely target.

The EU head office sent the 15 EU governments a list of U.S. products to be hit with punitive import, and most are near-and-dear to the Republicans, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The paper said the EU would target goods from states President Bush considers keys to re-election, such as Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The list could include Harley Davidson motor bikes, orange juice, citrus fruit and textiles, as well as American steel products.

And when they didn’t like the Austrians’ choice of government, the EU had no problem in sanctioning that elected government:

March, 2000. EU leaders pledged last night to maintain their collective boycott of Austria, dismissing the resignation of Jörg Haider as leader of the country’s far-right Freedom party as a meaningless ploy.

Portugal, the current holder of the EU’s rotating presidency, set the tone, with the prime minister Antonio Guterres insisting: “The problem is not Jörg Haider but what his party represents.”

But the united response gave no clue as to how long the freeze would last – it was in evidence on Monday when Freedom party ministers were snubbed at regular EU meetings – or whether there was an exit strategy.

One interpretation was that the EU could increase pressure on Austria’s entire coalition government, under the leadership of chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, to step down.

Hence the EU has broken with its previous practices to finance people who elected a genocidal government, and to not boycott that government. Terror-financiers are themselves terrorists, and Brussels joins Tehran and Damascus on the hit list.


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