Undermining Hamas

The Israeli interim government has decided to put one bullet at a time into Hamas, rather than the whole clip. Machiavelli would approve.

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that the new Hamas-led Palestinian Authority was a “terrorist entity” and that Israel would not negotiate with it so long as Hamas constituted a part of it.

…Olmert added that Israel would immediately cut off funding to the Palestinian government… the purpose of these actions was to target Hamas and not to harm the Palestinian populace. He ruled out all contacts with the militant group but said that Israel would allow humanitarian aid to reach the Palestinians.

This is good thinking. Covert terror-supporters like the EU argue that a) Palestine’s people should be supported, no matter how repulsive the government they have elected and b) Hamas will mellow once in the driving seat.

Hamas will now retaliate and Israel will progressively shut Palestine down as a defensive measure. This will confirm that governments’ supporting Hamas have harmed the Palestinian people and Hamas remains a terror gang.

Here are future options (my ellipsis):

….barring Palestinian workers from entering Israel, preventing travel from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip, doing away with the common Israel-PA (Palestinian Authority) tax envelope and ending cooperation with the PA on economic projects, such as the construction of an airport and harbor in Gaza.

One official said that at this point Israel would not cut off water and electricity to Gaza…


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