The Port Deal

Congress should veto the proposed takeover of the management of a number of US ports by a corporation from the United Arab Emirates – not because the UAE is Arab, but because it’s as unfree as China. Unfree counties are fear states run by small cliques, and the US would be foolish to place its security in such hands.

A United Arab Emirates-based company said Sunday it has agreed to seek a broader U.S. review of the security risks from its deal to take over major operations at six American ports.

In addition to the request for a 45-day examination, DP World is promising to create a U.S. subsidiary that would operate independently of executives in Dubai until May.

The moves are an effort to avert a damaging showdown between President Bush and Congress over the fate of DP World’s $6.8 billion takeover.

The ports are currently managed by a Brit company, and some in the administration have suggested that there’s no difference between the Brits and the UAE. You be the judge.

Nation Freedom Rating Corruption Ranking
US Free 17th
UK Free 11th
UAE Not Free 30th

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