Stay Cool!

The MSM reports that an experiment invalidating the predictions of the global warmers just goes to prove…global warming!

The Antarctic ice sheet, which holds 70 per cent of the world’s fresh water, has thinned significantly in the past four years, the first observations from a pair of satellites show.

Scientists had expected that over the coming century global warming would increase the size of the Antarctic ice sheet, as higher temperatures brought increased snowfall, but the new data suggest that it is losing mass.

The results indicate that rising temperatures are having a major impact on both ice caps… gives us this assessment (scroll to “Oops! ‘Trends’ from

Is Antarctica ‘melting’? The definitive answer is ‘No, not currently’.

How do we know this? Since 1979 we have had satellite coverage of the frozen continent and the UAH MSU data for the Southern Polar Region, displayed graphically here, shows a slight cooling trend of -0.01 °C/decade.

In fact this latest study suggests global cooling:

… the same period of UAH MSU data…under comparable trend guidelines…(to those) used by (this latest study),..the world is heading into a chill, with global cooling ‘trend’ of -0.013 °C/decade…

So we may all be doomed – but to freeze rather than fry.


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