Time To Dump The International Criminal Court

As Oscar Wilde might have written:

“To lose one war criminal, Mr Annan, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness”.

Former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic, the so-called “butcher of the Balkans” being tried for war crimes after orchestrating a decade of bloodshed during his country’s breakup, was found dead Saturday in his prison cell.

Milosevic’s death came less than a week after the star witness in his trial, former Croatian Serb leader Milan Babic, was found dead in the same prison. Babic, who was serving a 13-year prison sentence, committed suicide.

Milosevic’s death will be a crushing blow to the tribunal and those looking to establish an authoritative historical record of the Balkan wars.

The International Criminal Tribunal has been trying Milosevic for four years. The International Criminal Court, of which this Tribunal is part, is worse than useless, since its existence has been used by Blair as an excuse to persecute Brit soldiers fighting in Iraq.

Col Mendonca was awarded the Distinguished Service Order, and now he too is facing charges. For war crimes. Or rather, he is watching some of his soldiers face charges for war crimes (under the International Criminal Court Act), including the unlawful killing of Baha Musa, while he is being accused of “failing to take steps, or reasonable steps, to ensure that civilians were not ill-treated”. He is, say fellow-officers, being “hung out to dry”.

The US wisely declined to become party to the ICC, and the Brit Parliament should take this opportunity to withdraw.


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