Back In The Fog

The amorality of the BBC comes as a shock after 10 days of Israeli clarity.

I avoid the BBC, but the train from Heathrow airport into central London screens its news bulletins. Here’s how it described the ETA ceasefire (my emphasis):

ETA has suspended its armed struggle in which over 800 people have died.

In fact ETA has not been “struggling” – in an open society like Spain’s, any psychopath can sneak a bomb into a public place at minimal risk to himself. And the people killed don’t just “die” – they are deliberately murdered. Here are some examples (my ellipsis):

December 1973: Prime Minister Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco is assassinated in Madrid in retaliation for the government’s execution of Basque separatists (for murder).

June 19, 1987: A car bomb explodes in the underground car park of an Hipercor supermarket in Barcelona, killing 21 civilians and injuring 45, among them several small children.

1997: Abduction of Basque councilor Miguel Angel Blanco, prompting six million Spaniards to join mass demonstrations against ETA. The organization asks the government to relocate all imprisoned ETA terrorists in prisons closer to the Basque Country. When the government does not accept this demand, Miguel Angel Blanco is assassinated.

December 24, 2003: ETA attempts to blow 50 kg of explosives inside Madrid’s busy Chamartín Station at 3:55 PM on Christmas Eve. The police thwarted the attempt when they stopped Garikoitz Arruarte trying to load 28 kg of explosives into a Madrid-bound train in San Sebastián. Another bomb with over 20 kg of explosives was then found inside a second train passing near Burgos, already several hundred kilometers on its way to Madrid.

I wasn’t there to hear Israel National Radio describe the event, but guess it was along these lines:

The ETA gang says it will suspend its terror campaign. It has murdered over 800 people.


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