Appeasing Terror

The president invited the leader of the IRA to the White House for St Patrick’s Day, emboldening that gang to continue their torture and murder. Appeasing terrorists encourages them to keep killing, diminishes the appeaser, and spreads terror worldwide.

Here’s what happened on St Patrick’s Day (my ellipsis):

Last year. Mr Adams was barred from the White House (on St Patrick’s day) following the murder of Mr McCartney. After pressure from the Irish lobby in Congress, that has been reversed.

The president and Blair sought to limit the damage by meeting families of IRA murder victims. But the victims stayed dead, while the IRA was back in the White House, shaking the president’s hand:

The Sinn Fein leader won’t have direct talks with President George Bush, and won’t be allowed to fundraise for his party in America. Officials say an Adams-Bush handshake is likely at the White House “grip and grin” reception on Friday.

The IRA has an obsession with hands (my ellipsis & sequencing):

The most senior British agent to have been exposed as having worked at the heart of Sinn Fein was found murdered at his home last night.

Irish police said that (he) had been killed with a shotgun, and that his hand had been severed during the attack. They would not comment on reports that he had been tortured before death and his body mutilated.

(He was) shot in the head, execution-style, inside the primitive cottage in Glenties, Co Donegal, where he had been living since he was dramatically outed as a spy in December.

The IRA said in a statement that it was not responsible, but suspicion will fall on an organisation of which Mr Donaldson was a former member.

Can Hamas now expect that – provided it sticks to murdering Israelis – it will get its own White House invitations after pressure from CAIR?


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