The Fire Next Time

The Islamic fear states assume the West is unwilling to defend itself. They should read their history – Western democracies burn their attackers.

Here’s VHD:

Ever since September 11, the subtext of this war could be summed up as something like, “Suburban Jason, with his iPod, godlessness, and earring, loves to live too much to die, while Ali, raised as the 11th son of an impoverished but devout street-sweeper in Damascus, loves death too much to live.” The Iranians, like bin Laden, promulgate this mythical antithesis, which, like all caricatures, has elements of truth in it. But what the Iranians, like the al Qaedists, do not fully fathom, is that Jason, upon concluding that he would lose not only his iPod and earring, but his entire family and suburb as well, is capable of conjuring up things far more frightening than anything in the 8th-century brain of Mr. Ahmadinejad. Unfortunately, the barbarity of the nightmares at Antietam, Verdun, Dresden, and Hiroshima prove that well enough.

Here’s the WW2 detail. After repeated provocations by the Jew hating Nazi dictatorship – a similar regime to today’s Islamic fear states – the Brits declared war in 1939.

In early 1940 – before the Nazis bombed London – Brits were Mister Nice Guy (page 107, my ellipsis):

British Foreign Minister Sir Kingsley Wood, asked to approve a scheme to bomb the Black Forest and set it on fire, is said (possibly apocryphally) to have replied: “Are you aware it is private property? Why, you’ll be asking us to bomb Essen next!”

But then the Nazis bombed London and Coventry, so the Brits put the German people to the fire, destroying every one of their cities and killing hundreds of thousands.

They started (p142, my ellipsis) on Palm Sunday, 1942 on the port city of Lubeck, an industrial center and a training center for U-boat crews.

The first of (234 Brit bombers) arrived over the city at 11:16 PM. Going in low…(they) dropped 160 tons of high-explosive bombs and 144 incendiaries. The latter included both conventional ‘sticks’ and a thirty-pound bomb containing a mixture of Benzol and rubber, these were calculated to cause fires a distance of 10 meters from the impact point.

The resulting blaze could be seen by aircrew a hundred miles away…almost a third of Lubeck’s built up area was burned to the ground…including its main power station and numerous factories…the Cathedral dating from 1173 was wholly destroyed…

This was the beginning – the Brits went on to perfect these attacks, defending their bombers with radar jamming and clever deception techniques, using more, bigger and better bombers, dropping bigger and better bombs in patterns optimized to produce firestorms. Finally on February 13-14 1945, with the USAF, they put to the fire the last undestroyed city in Germany – Dresden.

The Islamic fascists bring fire upon themselves, their people, and their holy places – a fire vastly bigger and hotter than inflicted on their predecessors.


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