Help Palestinians To Get A Life, Not Take One

Western nations would do themselves and the Palestinians a great favor by cutting off cash aid and using the money to build decent infrastructure in Gaza.

Western aid to the Palestinians is almost $900 million a year, hat tip LGF:

The United States has earmarked a total of $234 million in aid to the Palestinians for 2006 — none of it going directly to the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority. The European Union and its member nations earmark about $615 million in yearly aid.

Add the Mullah’s cash-for-killers funding plus whatever other terror states kick in, and these folks are raking in well over $1 billion annually.

Since Israel manages to run an advanced first world economy on the $700 million or so it gets from the US ($662 million in 2003), you’d expect Palestinian territories to be equally spiffy. Of course they are not:

The festering refugee camp of Khan Yunis, where the stench of sewage hangs over potholed dirt roads and concrete blockhouses crowded with 270,000 Palestinians, has long been fertile soil for radical groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Now there are growing indications it is also becoming a breeding ground for Al-Qaeda.

The donor nations, rather than give cash (difficult, since no bank wants Hamas as a customer), should provide humanitarian aid in kind, building them a decent water supply, sewage disposal, schools, roads and housing.

Better drainage of the terrorist swamp would at least ensure that Palestinians seeking Darwin Awards by attacking Israel would not spread hepatitis when topped by the IDF. It might even encourage them to get a life.


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