Tienanmen On The Red Sea

China is a corrupt fear state, and Russia is fast reverting to one, so it’s not surprising they support the genocidal Sudanese government. The custom of civilized peoples has built the Chinese economy, so we just need to stop buying their blood-tainted goods.

In Darfur (my ellipsis)
there’s a:

…long-standing civil war between the Muslim north (the Sudanese government) and the Christian/pagan south (causing) at least 200,000 deaths and nearly 2 million displaced…

After much delay, the UN resolved to target the leaders of the killing, and the Brits and US proposed the 4 most egregious ones, with this result:

China yesterday blocked a British-American motion at the Security Council to impose targeted sanctions against four Sudanese individuals accused of atrocities in Sudan’s Darfur region.

The Chinese UN rep had the cheek to claim that targeting the four killers was plain wrong, because:

economic sanctions always hurt “the people, not the regime.”

In fact this is a blood for oil deal – China gets much of its oil from the Sudan, taking 70% of its exports.

Solving this is easy. The Chinese dictators’ support of genocide is driven by their need for oil to fuel their growing economy. Which is growing because civilized peoples buy their products. So if we stop buying this blood-tainted stuff, China will need less oil and its dictators will provide less support for genocidal killers.

No brainer – just don’t buy Chinese stuff.


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