The Terror Shell Game

The Palestinian terrorists use the IRA trick of killing via multiple organizations – so one outfit can observe a “truce”, which lefties expect the other side to observe, while the others slaughter away. Blair acceded to this, but Israel can’t.

IRA Terror

The IRA claims to have disarmed – it just robs banks, runs the drug trade and kills retail rather than wholesale. Its reward is political legitimacy with Blair’s government, and tacit US support. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (my emphasis):

Police come under attack as they attempt to deal with bomb material

Police foiled a bomb attack yesterday when they seized nearly 250lbs of home-made explosives which they believe had been prepared by dissident republicans in Northern Ireland.

Four men were arrested in connection with the discovery of the fertiliser-based explosives, which were discovered in a breakers’ yard in Lurgan, Co Armagh.

Youths armed with petrol bombs, stones and bricks attacked police as they attempted to deal with the material, which had been hidden next to the nationalist Kilwilkee estate.

Supt Alan Todd said the amount of explosives discovered was capable of causing the sort of “carnage” that had blighted Northern Ireland in the past.

Of course there’s no way the cops can know these “dissident republicans” aren’t regular IRA killers.

Palestinian Terror

There are 3 subgroups: the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, which is run by the PLO, Arafat’s old outfit; the Iranian front Islamic Jihad, which carried out Monday’s murders; and Hamas, another Iran front, which has murdered about 1,000 Israelis. Currently, Hamas observes a truce as it seeks international legitimacy, the PLO is fighting Hamas, so they leave the AAMB to do the heavy lifting.

Blair caved to the IRA, because a) he’s a creep, b) Clinton prabably pressured him to, and c) they mostly murdered in Northern Ireland, so didn’t threaten mainland political institutions.

Now the Palestinians have Iranian backing in their aim of wiping Israel off the map, Blair-style appeasement is not an option for Israel, (my ellipsis):

Israel said it held Hamas ultimately responsible (for the April 17 murders) — even though a different militant group, Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility — and would respond “as necessary.”

That presumably means that after the next bombing, the IDF will kill the Hamas leadership.


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