Taking Down The Mullahs

The Mullahs are inviting an early strike, so we should not give them one.

Their bellicose statements suggest desperation. Their corrupt regime is a disaster for Iran (my emphasis):

Despite the high oil price, Iran’s economy is its Achilles’ heel. According to World Bank figures, per capita income has more than halved since the 1979 revolution.

So Iranians are not happy:

A spontaneous protest by jobless Iranians in Tehran yesterday portends future civil strife for the clerical regime that is fending off Western diplomatic solidarity against its advanced nuclear program.

The Mullahs no doubt calculate that a strike by Israel or the US would solidify their regime, and by setting the timing, they can be safely in their spider holes when the strikes come.

So we should let them stew and strike in our own time. It’ll take them over a year to test a bomb, so in the interim we can stick with Condi’s ineffective UN sanctions route. The latest strike date would be 6 months before the next Presidential election – after that the US could end up with Hillary, leaving the Israelis to go it alone, probably with nukes.

In the meantime the US, UK, Israel can refine their human, satellite and drone intelligence to track the Mullah’s elite (a core of about 100,000) and locate all their weapons facilities. That way, we can decapitate the regime and eliminate its nukes with minimal harm to the Iranian people.

I’d use non-nuclear ICBMs rather than manned planes, at least initially – the Russians will be working like crazy to tweak the Mullah’s Tor missile system to take down a B-2. One success would have every fear state in the world clamoring for Russian weapons.

I’d also look at infiltrating the MSM – they’re mostly on the Mullahs’ side, so their reporters get close to them.


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