Judges With Licenses To Kill

May 12, 2006

The report on the 7/7 bombing and the release of armed hijackers tells us Brit judges – not Muslim terrorists – are now the biggest threats to citizens’ lives and limbs.

The prior intelligence on the 7/7 killers was very tenuous, and if the cops had pulled them in, they’d have received this treatment:

Nine Afghan asylum seekers who hijacked a plane at gunpoint to get to Britain should have been admitted to the country as genuine refugees and allowed to live and work here freely, the High Court ruled yesterday.

The 7/7 report backup says 2 of the 3 Underground bombs detonated at floor level, a bad position since blast propagation is poor, and the bus bomb was on the floor at the front of the top deck, also a poor position.

My bet is that only the leader – a classic Muslim psychopath – was in the know (he was also the only one to leave a post-detonation video). The others were told to activate their weapons on the train or bus, and leave them ticking while they slipped off at the next stop. This would explain why:..

.the bus bomber…tried to call the other three after they had died. (And) they bought car parking tickets and return rail fares to London.

Now that Brit Muslim “militants” – who live comfortably off the state – know bombing is a one-way mission, future killers will be hard to recruit.

We must hope so – Brit judges surely won’t stop them.