Welfare Warlords

May 15, 2006

Following in Hamas’ footsteps, the killers now running Ethiopia are demanding aid from the filthy colonialist Brits. To his credit, Blair has told them to get lost.

…the Ethiopian Prime Minister, once hailed as one of Tony Blair’s “new breed” of African leaders, has turned on Britain for freezing millions of pounds in aid to his impoverished nation…(he) accused Mr Blair of behaving like an old colonial master…

Of course when they were colonized, this didn’t happen:

(The Ethiopian Prime Minister’s) party was returned to power but the vote was described as seriously flawed by foreign observers and the opposition, which refused to take up government posts.

Violent clashes between government forces and protesters took place in June last year and again in November, leaving at least 84 people dead.

Up to 13,000 people were held in detention camps outside the capital in what the government said was a pre-emptive action to head off a planned insurrection. More than 100 opposition figures and journalists are now on trial.

The Ethiopian Mercedes Benz dealers are going to really suffer.