There Go The Grandkids

The Supreme Court has held the lead in damaging the society that pays it. But now their Brit equivalent has surged ahead, making marriage unacceptably risky for wealth-creators.

Jane Austen famously wrote:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

Not any more:

In the most important judgment on divorce for more than 20 years the law lords ruled that women who sacrifice careers to bring up children and look after the home should be compensated and may claim a share of their husband’s future income.

…they said that (a woman of 36) could keep the £5 million that she was awarded from the £17.5 million fortune of her husband…

That was:

after a childless marriage that lasted two years and nine months)…

This breaks new ground:

Family lawyers said that wealthy young men and women would be better off not marrying at all after Britain’s highest court ruled that a wife may be entitled to half the assets created during even a short marriage.

The husband’s lawyer said:

“My advice is: 1, don’t marry; 2, if you do make sure your other half is as wealthy as you are and 3, do a prenuptial agreement and keep your fingers crossed.”

Apparently Brit pre-nups can be fairly easily cracked.

The problem isn’t restricted to the rich – ambitious young people plan to make money, and if a brief and failed marriage will deplete their assets, they’ll stay single & childless.

Who do those law lords expect will pay the taxes that fund their fat pensions?


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