AP’s Blowup

Blowup is the Antonioni movie set in swinging 60s London centering on a photograph that is not what it seems. Now AP has produced an enigmatic image from homicidal 2006 Gaza.

The story:

IDF special forces operated deep inside the Gaza Strip late Monday night in the first ground operation there since last summer’s disengagement, killing four Islamic Jihad members on their way to fire Kassam rockets.

The AP picture:A wounded Palestinian terrorist is taken away after he was hit by Israeli army gunfire when he was preparing to fire a home made rocket into Israel in the town of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip on early Tuesday. Photo: AP

If the JPost says so, the event probably happened. But the AP image raises many questions:

1. How was an AP photographer present at a terrorist attack and how did he know the identity of the target town? Just kidding.

2. If 4 men were killed, how come only one is down? When one man in a group is shot, the others take cover, so why are five still standing?

3. Why, immediately after a colleague has been shot, does the cameraman feel safe to take this picture?

4. Why did he use flash – illuminating the remaining targets?

5. The JPost says 4 were shot, which means the IDF team shot 3 more terrorists after this picture was taken. But why shoot one at a time rather than normal sniper team practice of simultaneously?

I can see two possible explanations for this puzzle:

A. The terrorists were too retarded to take cover & the IDF, knowing this, potted them one at a time. The AP photographer used his flash to identify himself to the IDF so they wouldn’t shoot him.

B. AP staged the entire photo as a Snuff Pulitzer.

I think theory 2 is the most likely.

Theory 1 doesn’t work because the IDF snipers would have shot the AP guy as the terrorist he was.


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