Cute Wildlife Post

Here’s a fluffy bunny post, at Mrs G’s request.

For the past 2 weeks, it’s been in the high 90s in the Southern Med – hard to run routes of more than 5 miles. Then last night it rained and this morning the temperature was a wonderful 75 (24 N) with itsy-bitsy clouds and a gentle breeze. So I went for a delightful 10-mile jaunt over the hills and far away.

A gentle run is the best way to explore – you cover plenty of distance, you’re acutely conscious of the lie of the land, you have plenty of time to take in the views, and can go places inaccessible to car or bike.

The views today included field boundaries and houses covered with summer flowers (Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Geranium), tiny fields (many now harvested), great swathes of sea, little churches in the middle of nowhere, and old ladies and gents sitting in village doorways.

I passed a whole menagerie of animals enjoying the unexpected cool – watchful farm dogs, interested horses, a friendly goatherd and his flock (which included sheep), disdainful cats lounging on walls. And a mongoose.

At least I think it was a mongoose – I’ve only ever seen one in Israel. It hid by the side of the road as my pounding feet approached until, overcome with fear, it bolted across the road under my nose. Not a survival strategy, but common to young & inexperienced creatures. Indeed, this particular specimen looked babyish – thin body about 9” inches long, chestnut brown fur, and a 3” long, furry (i.e. non ratty) tail.

After a detailed 30-second search on Wikipedia, I think it was a close relation (probably second cousin on mother’s side) of one of these.

Naturally Mrs. G wants me to catch one for her, but I won’t. Fighting off its enraged family then carrying it struggling, squealing & biting for several miles would be hard enough. But then it would have to live in our courtyard, where it would fight and possibly eat the neighbor’s cat, which I’m quite fond of.

Anyway, it might have been a ferret.


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