Reuters Hides Sunni Killers

June 5, 2006

Reuters’ ideology can be deduced from what they don’t report – it turns out they back Sunni terrorists.

Here’s how Reuters reported the murder of school kids:

Students “executed” as Iraq violence rages on

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Reuters) – Gunmen in Iraq dragged 24 people, mostly students, from vehicles and shot them dead, police said, as violence raged across the country on Sunday.

Police said gunmen manning a makeshift checkpoint near Udhaim stopped vehicles approaching the small town 120 km north of Baghdad and killed passengers.

“(They) dragged them one by one from their cars and executed them,” said a police official.

The victims included students on their way to write end of term exams, children and elderly men, said another senior police official in Diyala province, scene of frequent attacks by insurgents waging a campaign of bombings and shootings to topple the U.S.-backed, Shi’ite-led government.

Some tried to flee but were gunned down, another police source said. Reuters photographs showed six men shot in the chest, including one old man and five young men. It was unclear whether the victims were high school or university students.

Here’s what actually happened, via the Washington Times:

Bus ambush kills Shi’ites

Masked gunmen methodically separated two busloads of passengers into Sunnis and Shi’ites before fatally shooting 21 Shi’ites yesterday, the latest attack in an ethnically driven campaign of violence that is systematically dividing the capital, one neighborhood at a time.

“They asked us to show our IDs, and then instructed us to stand in a line, separating the Sunni from the Shi’ite due to the IDs and also due to the faces,” said Ismail, a wounded Shi’ite Kurd who told the Associated Press from his hospital bed that he survived by pretending to be dead.

Hence Reuters doesn’t want us to know the following:

1. That the kids and old folks were executed (it uses scare quotes around ‘executed’, implying there is some doubt in the matter).

2. That the killers murdered only Shi’ites and spared all Sunnis.

3. And hence that the murderers were Sunnis.

The only reason I can see for Reuters hiding these facts is that it supports the Sunni killers and wishes to suppress knowledge of their crimes. This strategy isn’t daft – here in the Southern Med, the local paper ran only the Reuters story, so folks have no idea of the truth.