More Islam And Rape

June 7, 2006

Forced marriage is rape, but Brit Muslims see nothing wrong in it, and as you’d expect Blair’s government is cool with that.

The story, via LGF:

The Home Office has decided a specific law to ban forced marriages in the UK is not needed.

About 300 forced marriages are reported to the authorities every year – often involving people from Britain’s South Asian community.

South Asian is BBC-eze for Muslim. If they’ve been doing this for 10 years, that’s 3,000 cumulative forced marriages, and 3,000 serial rapes each year – almost half the UK’s official rate of about 8,500 rapes a year.

But instead of stopping this wave of abuse by locking the rapists up:

Ministers had asked groups and individuals if there should be a law criminalising the act of forcing someone into marriage.

Most thought the disadvantages of a new law would outweigh the advantages, and possibly drive the practice of forced marriages underground.

Who are the people consulted by Blair’s ministers who want to keep this practice “above ground”?

Pragna Patel, chair of the group, told Radio 4 that existing laws were sufficient.

“We don’t see the need for criminalisation of forced marriage, which is yet another way of stereotyping and criminalising entire communities at a time when there is heightened racism in this country.”

Sadly for Ms. P and her co-religionists, Brits will take a stereotypical view of the “communities” that sanction this barbaric practice.


Another One Bites The Dust

June 7, 2006

Incompetence is the hallmark of the Blair administration – that’s bad for the victims of the criminals it releases to prey on society, but good for persecuted soldiers.

Cleared at last, the soldiers in ‘show trial’ over Iraqi looter’s death

The Army’s attempts to prosecute soldiers over actions in Iraq failed again yesterday as three guardsmen were cleared of the manslaughter of a teenage looter.

The three soldiers are from the fabled Coldstream Guards and Irish Guards, and Blair & co went after them because, struggling to restore order a week after the fighting ended, they chucked a looter in a river and he drowned. The court dismissed the case after hearing this:

The Irish Guards experienced some of the toughest fighting in Basra during the invasion and post-war disorder. Major Peter MacMullen, the defendants’ company commander, said there was an epidemic of looting that was close to “destroying the infrastructure of the state.”

He added: “One of my priorities was restoration of law and order. We had the burden of doing it, but no direction as to how to achieve it.”

He said he knew of looters being put into the canal and was asked by Mr Pownall if he thought that was fair and humane. He replied: “In the context, Sir, yes.”

His former second-in-command, Capt Niall Brennan, said: ” I saw looters thrown into the Shatt al-Arab river. I viewed it as the method the commander on the ground considered to have the effect he wanted. In the grand scheme of things there were a lot more dangerous things going on.”


Google & Terror

June 7, 2006

As evidence emerges of terrorist use of the Internet, Google’s creepy founders say they’re proud to protect them. So non-terrorists should avoid Google.

Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin acknowledged Tuesday the dominant Internet company has compromised its principles by accommodating Chinese censorship demands.

He’s balanced Google’s wrong with an imagined right:

Google has battled the U.S. Justice Department in court seeking to limit the amount of information the government can get about users’ Internet searches. It also says it has not participated in any programs with the National Security Agency to collect Internet communications without warrants.

Fortunately, Google was unable to protect the privacy of these people, hat tip Jihad Watch:

…when a shadowy group of disaffected urban youth began talking in an Internet chat room in the fall of 2004 espousing anti-Western views, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service was listening.

The spy agency, and an alphabet soup of other security agencies across the continent, closely monitor such sites, where talk may sometimes turn to buildings and bombs and bringing global jihad home to North America, to Canada.

Often it’s just that — talk — but when CSIS began monitoring the sites allegedly used by some of the 17 men and youths arrested on terrorism-related charges in a sweeping series of raids across the GTA Friday evening, the Canadian spy agency heard enough to remain interested, and increased surveillance of the group….

Four months after the surveillance began, two Americans, from the Atlanta, Ga., area, popped onto the radar.

Syed Haris Ahmed and Ehsanul Islam Sadequee had been communicating by email with the Canadian group, investigators allege…

This was a great effort by CSIS – but now terrorists know to avoid chat rooms, and Sergey Brin has told them they’re safe with Google.

The solution is to leave Google to the terrorists, exposing them to our intelligence agencies.

Both Yahoo and Ask are good alternatives. You can remove the Google search from Firefox by installing the SearchPluginHacks extension, right clicking Google in the search box and selecting Delete. The CSIS, MI5, NSA, and CIA will thank you.