Mac Good News, PC Bad News

The Mac Mini survived the flight from the Southern Med to London, then synched up flawlessly with our London network. Plus it now has the splendid little Bluetooth mouse recommended by a kindly commenter. And the region-free HDMI DVD player arrived from Amazon, so we can now watch Region 1s while Hush evaluation proceeds.

The bad news is that my sick Toshiba laptop’s W2K recovery disk says it will reformat the hard drive – obviously “recovery” is one of those words (like “Yes”) with different meanings in English & Japanese.

So the new plan is to pop the hard drive out and connect it directly to Mrs. G’s PC to recover the data. An object lesson to back your drive up frequently.

UPDATE: Hacked the Toshiba back to life with the W2K install/repair option on a vanilla W2K CD (not Toshiba’s). Ran startup in DOS mode, identified the corrupt system file & reverted to an earlier .alt version of that file. Not bad – I last used DOS in 1992!


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